Quickly Steps To fix 9Anime Error 500 [ Updated 2023 ]

9anime is one of the most famous anime streaming websites on the internet. This website has been on the market for some time and has reached its way into mobile apps, FireStick, Kodi, and the web. The recent programs are posted on the due date, and numerous ways exist to download the episode straight.

In the previous year, multiple customers began complaining that they received an issue while attempting to view various episodes. The whole error message is “server problem. Please try again.” This error message mainly arises when an add-on stops 9anime’s stream output while attempting to prevent adverts. This is also known as the phrase of a false positive.

Causes Of 9anime error 500

While watching anime on anime, you may face problems such as “Server Error, please try again.” Here are a few plausible explanations:

  • The ad blocker has blocked 9anime.

You might have an ad blocker installed to avoid the unpleasant adverts displayed when watching online movies. Yet, it may see the anime on 9anime as ads and then suddenly block them. You might uninstall the ad blocker to rule out this element.

  • The 9anime servers are currently unavailable.

When anything is wrong with the 9anime servers, you can’t view anime on 9anime, and one representation is a 9anime Server error. Please try again. If this is the case, you must wait until the problem has been resolved and the servers have returned to regular operation.

  • Your web browser’s data is inaccurate or faulty.

This is another popular explanation. To resolve this issue, erase your cache & cookies.

Focusing on these likely causes, we gathered various solutions to the issue, which we will provide in the next section. Nevertheless, ensure your computer has an active internet connection before attempting these options. An open internet connection implies that all firewalls and limitations on your machine must be disabled.

How can I fix 9anime error 500?

Verify the server status and either switch to a valid server or wait for it to become available.
9anime Error 500 

9Anime maintains its website regularly to increase its efficacy and maximize the user experience. As it is being tweaked and updated, the servers and possibly the whole website may go down or up randomly, which may persist for some time, depending on the modifications.

Typically, you will see a notice such as “We’re maintaining our system. Please try again in a few hours” or a 520 error. Also, there should be many comparable complaints about the 9Anime issues on the official Twitter page or 9Anime subreddit simultaneously. In such instances, you must wait till 9Anime is working again.

In addition to website maintenance, if you periodically encounter issues when playing an anime episode on certain servers, you may switch to different servers one by one until you discover the legitimate server, since some servers indexed by 9Anime may be faulty and have yet to be resolved.

Turn off ad blockers in your browser.
9anime Error 500 

If your browser has enabled ad blockers, they are most likely to blame for 9Anime not functioning or other issues. One typical 9Anime fault caused by an ab blocker is that episodes are not shown. As a result, you may disable your browser’s ad blockers to see whether the 9Anime problem persists. Antivirus software might be the source of the problem.

Change to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Any Popular Browser
9anime Error 500 

Requests from unapproved applications and extensions have been rigorously restricted by 9Anime. Consequently, if you’re using a non-browser application to download and watch anime from 9Anime and have troubles such as 9Anime won’t play or 9Anime not loading, switch to a conventional web browser to continue your anime adventure.

Remove Your Browser's Cookies and Cache
9anime Error 500 

When your browser’s cookies and cache get overloaded, video streaming issues such as delayed loading, lagging, buffering, or stuttering occur. Clearing cookies and cache is a frequent remedy when movies won’t play on the Internet, and it also applies to 9Anime not functioning.

Removing cookies may result in the 9Anime Firewall ban the next time you reload 9Anime sites. Close any 9Anime website tabs before clearing these files, then restart your browser once the data has been deleted.

Refresh the 9Anime Pages by restarting your browser.
9anime Error 500 

The 502 Bad Gateway problem has been reported by many 9Anime users. Refreshing the pages is a tried and true way of dealing with this situation. If the issue persists, refer to method 7 in the next section or wait for it to return to normal, as we did in method 1.

Anime Streaming with a Fast Internet Connection
9anime Error 500 

9Anime provides streams ranging from 480P to 1080P depending on the server. While streaming an episode of high quality, which demands more bandwidth, you should invest in a faster internet connection to avoid sluggish buffering or loading.

How to prevent this error in the future?

You may avoid facing 9anime Error 500 in the future by clearing your browser cache, removing browser add-ons, and ensuring your internet connection is steady. Nevertheless, given this is a server-related problem, it is ultimately up to the website’s administrators to take suitable precautions to prevent it from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is 9Anime a hacker website?

The domain 9anime.to is a free anime streaming website. This service is being misused to disseminate fraud, host phishing, PUPs, & malware.

Q2. How to handle 500 internal server errors in Android?

Internal server issues (error 500) are often caused by plugin or theme functionality incompatibilities. Therefore try disabling all plugins if you have access to your Dashboard. If you don’t have accessibility to your Dashboard, try resetting your plugins manually (no Dashboard access required).

Q3. Can I use my phone as a web server?

A Mobile Web Server is software built for current cell phones to run personal web servers using open-source software such as i-jetty, which is based on Jetty. I-jetty is a free, open-source web container that serves Java-based online content like servlets and JSPs.

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