Amazon Error 7031: Why it Happens and How to Prevent it

Some movies and TV episodes are reportedly no longer available for streaming for some Amazon Prime subscribers. “Video Unavailable” is the error message (Amazon Error Code 7031). The majority of affected users appear to only encounter this problem with particular streaming library items (some entries can be streamed without errors).

Amazon is a US-based business. It used to solely offer services linked to online shopping in the past. But it now provides videos that stream online. One of Amazon’s subsidiaries is Amazon Prime.

It cares about offering the most recent entertainment videos, including short tales, web series, and movies. Users occasionally experience issues with the error code 7031 with Amazon Prime Video.

What Causes The amazon Error 7031

One of the most popular streaming services online is Amazon Prime Video. Its membership being compatible with Amazon Prime makes it worthwhile to purchase. Error 7031 is one of several that Amazon PrimeVideo consumers experience, though. The following list of probable offenders might lead to Error Code 7031 on Amazon Prime Video:

  1. Server Issue: A widespread server fault is one of the most frequent problems that could end up resulting in this error code. Check to check whether an outage provided by the Amazon Web Service is not the true source of the issue before attempting any additional remedies.
  2. .COM Server Problem: You might be able to completely avoid the problem by trying to stream the material via domain if you determine that the issue is in fact being brought on by a server fault. Several US users who tested this workaround said it was effective.
  3. Incompatibility with Browser: As it turns out, Vivaldi and other Chromium-based browsers frequently fail to cause any type of issues when used with Amazon Prime Video. In this situation, utilizing Chrome when streaming material from Amazon Video will allow you to quickly avoid the issue.
  4. “Do not track” enables: Deliver a “Do Not Track” request with your browser activity is a privacy setting in Chrome that Amazon Prime Video will not support. To allow Amazon Prime to gather behavioral data, if this option is active in Chrome, go to the Privacy & Security settings and turn it off (which it insists on).
  5. Two-Step Verification: You must enable two-step verification (either by phone or using the Authenticator App) in order to resolve this specific problem number if you are streaming Amazon Video content from a third-party provider like PlayOn.
  6. Trying To Watch Geo-Restricted Media: You may be dealing with a geo-lock limitation if you only see this problem when attempting to stream a few titles. If this situation applies, using a system-level VPN client is required if you wish to stream material that is geographically restricted.

How to Fix Amazon Error Code 7031

We know that sluggish network connections or server outages are the root cause of this error number on Amazon Prime. Conversely, this problem might also be brought on by tainted account information, outdated browsers, or incorrect setups.

Try restarting the computer and then the browser in this case. If that doesn’t work, use the following troubleshooting procedures in order:

Check the Status of the Amazon Server: 
amazon Error 7031

PrimeVideo won’t function no matter what if the Amazon server is down. In this situation, you would need to try launching PrimeVideo on a separate system to see if the service is operational. If so, go on to different options.

Check the Ping Status: 
amazon Error 7031

The issue in this solution can have two components. The first is that the internet doesn’t function properly. Try to access a website other than PrimeVideo to verify this. Try the following steps if the internet otherwise functions properly:

  • When the Run window appears, enter the command cmd by pressing Win+R. Press Enter to bring up the Command Prompt window.
  • Ping by typing the command and pressing Enter.
Check Internet Connection: 
amazon Error 7031

You’ll want a reliable internet connection to watch material on Amazon Prime because you’ll be streaming videos online. If you see error warnings when watching a program or movie, your connection may be problematic. Use a speed test to test your network’s upload and download bandwidth to verify this.

Restart your modem or router to re-establish the connection with your ISP if the test reveals the issue with your network. When removing your modem from the outlet, wait five to ten seconds before plugging it back in.

Update Web Browser: 
amazon Error 7031

If you utilize Amazon Prime movies on an outdated version of any browser, they will not play smoothly. They refuse to function properly on browsers built on the Chrome platform. On computers with outdated web browsers, the Amazon Prime Video Error Code 7031 might be found.

You only need to update the browser on your computer. To upgrade your Desktop browser, adhere to the instructions provided.

amazon Error 7031

Sometimes the problem may not be with your computer or browser. nonetheless, Amazon Prime Video’s own server. The servers can occasionally become unreliable due to high traffic. This results in the 7031 Amazon Prime Video Error.

In this situation, uninstalling Amazon Prime Video for a while would renew it. followed by reinstalling it. Your application may benefit from a server reconnect or recharge as a result.

How To Prevent A Amazon Error Code 7031 In The Future

Error code 7031 simply indicates that the connections are out of range if it appears on the screen. When you use an earlier version of Amazon Prime Video, this error also appears. Follow the straightforward instructions below to resolve this issue.

  1. It’s time to replace your router if it is too old and has been in use for a long period. The antenna on your router is outdated and unable to take up signals or break connections in the middle.
  1. Restarting the streaming device may resolve minor issues and malfunctions on your device. To eliminate minor issues, turn off your Amazon Prime streaming device and wait 10 seconds. To determine whether the problem has been fixed, restart your device.
  2. Due to a large amount of cache data and garbage files stored by the Amazon Prime app, this is the most frequent issue for all Android users. You cannot correctly stream the videos using these files. Here are the corrections.

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