Ultimate Solution For Discord Fatal Javascript Error

Are you facing the discord fatal javascript error? Why does discord say JavaScript error?

Discord is a great community network for playing your favorite games, making friends, organizing events, and exchanging ideas with like-minded folks. While you may use Discord on your web browser, you may occasionally see a Discord fatal JavaScript error if you use the Discord desktop application.

This issue may occur for various causes, ranging from damaged Discord configuration files to overzealous antivirus protection preventing it from launching. To resolve a discord fatal javascript error on Windows 10, go through this article.

Why Does Discord Say JavaScript Error?

When the JavaScript interpreter cannot comprehend an invalid statement, the code’s words are syntactically wrong. If there is any inconsistency between the application and the JavaScript programming language, the project will fail.

Since specific antivirus applications target the Discord during installation, Discord may encounter errors due to blocked files; there will be no way for it to finish.

What Causes Discord A Fatal Javascript Error?

When Discord, a fatal javascript error occurred, the reason is not immediately apparent. However, in most situations, this is due to a faulty Discord installation or another program or service like your antivirus software interfering with its proper operation.

For the majority of users, fixing or reinstalling the Discord app will resolve the issue. However, if another third-party software or service is causing the problem, you’ll need to dive deeper and ensure that Discord loads and runs properly.

What Causes Discord A Fatal Javascript Error
What Causes Discord A Fatal Javascript Error

If that is the case, you must follow the steps below to debug Discord. Don’t forget that if the Discord program on your PC or Mac isn’t functioning, you can still access your servers through the Discord website or mobile app.

How Do You Fix A JavaScript Error Occurred In The Main Process?

  • Delete the Discord folders from the AppData and LocalAppData directories.
  • Change the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience Service’s startup type
  • Discord may be used without administrator privileges.
  • Install Discord anew
  • Discord Processes are being closed
  • Utilization of Discord PTB

How Can I Resolve The Discord Error?

  • Resolve Discord Will Not Uninstall on a Personal Computer
  • Discord may be uninstalled through the Control Panel/Apps & Features.
  • Delete Discord’s cache.
  • Discord should be deleted from the registry.
  • Utilize an uninstaller program.
  • Conduct an antivirus scan.
  • Run SFC.
  • Utilize the Microsoft Install and Uninstall software.

Discord javascript error on startup

Many factors may cause this discord javascript error on startup:-

  • Having a corrupt Windows
  • Quality-related problem with the audio service on Windows
  • Running the Discord Service as an Administrator
  • Discord data is corrupt or missing.

What Is Preventing Discord From Installing?

Whether you’re still having problems installing Discord, check to see if any Windows updates were recently installed. Suppose this is the case, remove the most recent update package to avoid Discord. Look for any recently installed updates in the new window, right-click them, and then choose Uninstall.

To fix this type of discord javascript error on startup, follow the below steps:-

  • Shut off.”
  • Launch Discord without administrative rights.
  • Adjusting Performance settings of the quality of the Windows audio and the video
  • Run a Windows Scannable Tests
  • Turn off antivirus and firewall software.
  • Discord is fully uninstalled.
  • Reset Discord runtime on new devices to its original state

What Factors Contribute to a Fatal Javascript Error?

This mistake has been reported regularly by many users, and many possible causes have been identified. Several of the most prevalent are mentioned below:

What Factors Contribute to a Fatal Javascript Error
What Factors Contribute to a Fatal Javascript Error
  • Your antivirus program may be preventing some of Discord’s capabilities.
  • Discord’s configuration may be harmed.
  • If the Quality Windows Audio Video Experience service is not operating, this error may occur.

What Is The Meaning Of A JavaScript Error?

JavaScript errors are classified into two types:

  • Syntax Error: Occurs when the code is miswritten; for example, a typographical error or omission of a character. 
  • Runtime error: Occurs when a script cannot carry out its instructions; for example, when a required object cannot be located.

How Do I Fix JavaScript Errors?

  • There are many different browser options.
  • SCRIPT DEBUG should be enabled
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Chrome

Open Developer Tools

Describe and fix the problem


Click the Web Developer menu 

Open the Web Console

Describe and fix the problem

Internet Explorer

Open the program’s console.

Come up with and identify the error


Open the program’s console.

Come up with and identify the error


Enable your app’s developer tools.

Launch your web browser


How Can I prevent encountering JavaScript errors?

To determine whether or not they are equal, use the stringent equality operator: In a real-world scenario, this error may occur if you attempt to use a DOM element in your JavaScript before the component has been loaded. This is because the DOM API returns null for empty object references.

How Can I repair the audio in Discord?

  • Check the status of Discord’s server.
  • Verify the settings of your sound device.
  • Verify connections.
  • Set to default and then adjust default settings in Windows.
  • Determine if you are muted/deafened.
  • Check to verify whether the program has been silenced in the sound settings.
  • Refresh the application.
  • Restart the computer.

How Come I am unable to install Discord on Windows 10?

If you cannot install Discord, it is likely because the program is still operating in the background. Before reinstalling the utility, it may be essential to uninstall it from your computer entirely.

Discord installation failed problem may be resolved by deleting all previous files linked with the program.

How Can I clean the cache on my discord computer?

You can view how much storage the program is presently using in the “Discord” menu. To access other settings, choose “Storage.” You may erase all app data or merely remove any stored cache files under the “Storage” option; press “Clear Cache” to perform the latter.

How Can I clean the cache on my discord computer
How Can I clean the cache on my discord computer

Discord Default install location

Discord is installed in C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Discord on Windows. You may locate it by typing per cent local app data—discord in the path bar of Windows Explorer.

How To resolve the Discord uninstalled itself error?

To resolve the Discord uninstalled itself, you have to right-click the Discord set-plugin.exe. Choosing “Change Program Settings” will allow you to change the program’s compatibility settings and set it to “Run As Different User”.

When the dialogue box appears, check the “Use an administrator account (enable Discord).” and “Pick Version” should also be done.

How Do I fix fatal JavaScript error on Discord?

To fix the discord fatal javascript error, check the below steps:-

  • Discord AppData Folder: Delete and Regenerate
  • Discord Desktop App should be uninstalled and reinstalled
  • Discord should be run as an administrator.
  • Verify That Your Antivirus Isn’t Preventing You From Using Discord

Why Am I mute in Discord?

You Have Suppressed Yourself in Discord. In Discord, clicking the microphone will both mute and unmute you. If you are silent, you may determine this by glancing at your name in the voice chat. If there is a microphone next to your name with a line across it, you are muted.

How Can I completely uninstall Discord?

You cannot remove the application from your system is a big concern, and many of them said they had issues removing it. Keep in mind that you’ll have to do this to make use of this setting. When you’re trying to delete the program and its related files and/registry entries, you may erase everything.

How Can I completely uninstall Discord
How Can I completely uninstall Discord

Why Am I unable to erase Discord from Local app data?

Then, in the Run window, type local app data and press enter: Then, in each of those windows, locate and remove the “Discord” folder.

Suppose your operating system indicates that the file cannot be erased due to its continued usage. Terminate all instances of Discord in the Task Manager and under the startup tab.


After resolving a  discord fatal javascript error on your PC, you may continue using Discord’s services. You may begin by building your Discord server and growing it using Discord bots to add games, moderating capabilities, and music capabilities. That is, of course, if you have successfully connected to Discord.

If you’re still experiencing issues with your Discord server, depending on your use case, you may opt to utilize a Discord alternative such as Teamspeak or Slack instead.

Hopefully, you have got the solution for Discord. A fatal javascript error occurred in your PC.

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