Squatting: Myths And Facts

Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth? There is a widespread rumor that prevails in the gym arena that squatting makes you shrink. Have you come across such ideas? We are sure that you have come across these kinds of ideas. But is it really the fact?

We would recommend you that before you do jump into conclusions try to read more about the topic and we know that after that all your misconception would be clear and you would be blessed with the real facts and figures. So come let us venture out in this world. All you are required is to read this article with minute attention and you would be ready to get the idea about squatting.

What Are Growth Plates?

Do you know what growth plates are? Growth plates are the areas of the part of the bones that are known as cartilages. They are located in the ending part of the bones of the human body. The growth plates are more vulnerable as they are most prone to injuries.

Do Squats Make You Grow Taller?

Squatting is very beneficial for maintaining the fitness of the human body. Squatting helps in the process of release of testosterone in a man’s body. If you are still in your teens, squatting can help you to grow taller.

Are Squats Harder If You’re Taller?

There is a general notion that the taller you are, the harder it is to squat. Is that really so? Well, to answer your question we must say that there are some kinds of squatting that are difficult if the person who is busy performing them is taller.

To appear to you in a more specific way, the Barbell back squat is harder for men who are comparatively taller. If your femur bone is tall, then we fear that it would be a lot difficult for you to squat in this position.

What Exercises Can Stunt Your Growth?

Are you worried about Do squats make you shorter? Well, come, let us find out the real truth behind this model of thought.

  • Squats with heavy weight can be detrimental for your height as because of the fact that it creates a pressure on your spinal cord.
  •  When your spinal cord is under pressure, it would automatically get squeezed and you would look a lot shorter in your height.
  • Heavy weight lifting can hamper the increase of your height as it blocks your height. It would damage your soft tissues that would be really result in stunting your growth.
Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth
Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth

Do Squats Make Your Thighs Bigger Or Smaller?

Squats do affect your thigh muscles. But it never makes them smaller. Rather with proper exercise, you would be able to observe that the muscles of your thigh would appear a bit bigger. So what are you waiting for? Start your squatting exercise from today itself!

Does Jump Squats Increase Height?

Jumping exercises that jump squat is very beneficial for increasing your height. Jumping squats are instrumental in supporting the conditioning of the muscles. It supports the joints of the lower body and helps in the process of improving the height of your body.

Does Lunges Stop Height?

The lunges help in the process of building muscle mass to build up and tone your body. Especially these muscles help in toning the core, butt, and muscles of your legs. There are many benefits of doing lunges. But to spill the beans, the rumor that says that lunges do stop height is fortunately not at all true.

Lifting Weight Stunts Growth

There are many facets to this question that is really very debatable- Does lifting weight stuns growth in the human body? To find out the correct answer let us go through the following points that would help us in the process of assessing that lifting weight stunts growth or not.

  • Weights that are too heavy to be lifted by the human body can definitely be the cause4 of your weights being stunned.
  • Lack of supervision while one is lifting weight can also block the proper growth.
  • As the growth plates are very soft, they are liable to various damages and deformations during one is engaged in the process of lifting heavy weights in the gym or in the body building sessions.
Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth
Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth

How To Avoid The Stunning Of Growth While Weightlifting?

A few researchers have told us that, weightlifting can sometimes be the result of the blockage of the proper amount of growth. Then what would be the proper solution? Should one avoid lifting weights? The answer is a big NO. Besides having some side effects weight lifting can also have some benefits.

Before jumping to conclusions, you can read a little more and find out about some safe ways that would help you to avoid stunning growth while you are lifting weights that are very heavy.

So let us read about the safe ways that would not only help in eliminating the chance of stunning growth but they would also allow you to do weight lifting in a manner that is very successful in its nature.

  • Proper supervision while you are engaged in the process of lifting weights that are very heavy is the key element of weight lifting in a safe manner. You must make sure of the fact that the person who is involved in the process of supervision while one is lifting weights that are very heavy is a certified trainer.
  • If your child is interested in participating in any sort of weight lifting programs, do not discourage him or her. First you need to ensure that you have consulted your child’s paediatrician before he or she has ventured out to the world of lifting weights. You must take into consideration the advices that your child’s paediatrician is suggesting to your child.
  • Do not make the process of training an extra load. You must take this process as a fun exercise and you must not take any mental load about it.
  • You must always start with the basics of training and slowly proceed towards the ones that are more elaborate.
  • You must remember that age is just a number in the process of weightlifting. All that you require in this process is proper maturity to do the exercises in the proper way
  • You must take the process of weightlifting is way that is slow. But you must ensure about the fact that it is steady in the form of the actual amount of progress that you are getting from the process of lifting of heavy weights.

We hope that these points are capable of giving you an idea about How to Safely Squat.

Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth
Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth

Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth

There is a general idea that says squats do stop height growth. But is that really so? To make your concept about squatting and your height growth we must say you that squatting does not stop your height from growing in the designated amount. It NEVER does so.

Then what is this rumor all about stopping the growth of height and performing the exercise of squatting? Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth? Let us find out more about it. The real truth behind it is, squatting dop alter and causes spinal shrinkage.

But the spinal shrinkage is also caused by the process of walking. Squatting is capable of causing spinal shrinkage of 3.59 mm which is also caused while you are walking. And, it can be restored when you wake up after your night’s sleep. We think that this had answered your question that Does Spinal Shrinkage Occur During Squats?

Benefits Of Squatting And Heavy Weight Training

Besides having certain disadvantages, squatting and heavyweight training also have a number of advantages that would be beneficial for you in many ways. Now the question that arises is that what are they?

We have made a list of all the benefits that are involved in the process of squatting and heavyweight training. Let us start the process of exploring them together. The list is given in the form of bullet points in the paragraph that follows this one.

  • Squatting and heavy weight lifting helps in the process of making the muscles of your leg bigger and stronger
  • Squatting and heavy weight lifting instils a high level of confidence in your frame of mind.
  • The process of squatting and heavy weight lifting help you in the process of increasing your mobility
  • These two processes of heavy weight lifting and squatting helps you in the process of improving your posture
  • The process of heavy weight lifting and squatting helps you in burning more amount of fat
  • These two processes would help you to sprint in a very fast speed
  • They would induce you to produce more amount of power
  • They would help in making your joints stronger
  • They help in the process of boosting hormone production that too in the natural way
  • They would help in the process of improving your core strength.

What Are The Effects On Bone Health?

Are you worried about the fact that squatting would be affecting your bone health? It is the perfect time to eliminate the myths and getting yourself used to the real facts and data. The squatting affects bones but in a very positive way. It is a very good exercise for the health of your bones.

Let us see the positive effects of squatting on your bones through the following bullet points.

  • The process of squatting helps in keeping your bones strong
  • Squatting is effective in the process of increasing your bone mineral density, that is popularly known by the term BMD
  • Squatting helps a lot in maintaining and improving your bone health

What Are The Effects Of Squatting & Strength Training On Youth?

Squatting has a profound amount of effect on the members who belong to the community of the youths. In a similar way, the process of strength training also helps a lot in improving the health of young men and women.

So, come, let us see the effects of squatting and strength training among the people who are comparatively younger in the following bullet points.

  • These two processes help in stimulating athletic development among the young people
  • These two processes have long term effects that are positive in the bodies of people who are young in terms of their age
  • These two processes of squatting and strength training helps in burning fat
  • These two processes help in controlling of weight among the young people
  • These helps in the process of strengthening of bone among the you ger mass of people
  • It reduces the cardiovascular risk profile in the young people
  • These two processes enhances psychological well being among the young people

Is The Myth True That Lifting Heavy Weight Make You Shorter?

To make it very clear in front of you, we must say that this is really a MYTH and do not have any solid evidence to date. Yes, we can say that squatting can result in shrinkage of the spinal cord but just it is caused when you are walking and it gets restored after you walk up from your sleep in the morning, the shrinkage of the spinal cord is caused the squatting can also restore itself to the normal position.

Can Squatting Cause Growth Plate Fractures?

Yes, squatting can cause growth plate fractures. But when? It is caused only when you are devoid of any professional trainers in your weight lifting and squatting program. If you are under the guidance of a certified trainer and you are careful, squatting would not result in a growth plate fracture.

Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth
Does Squatting Stunt Your Growth

Child Squatting

Squatting in children comes in hand with a number of facets. Let us see them in the following points.

  • Squatting can be a sign of your child’s congenital heart disease.
  • This is an important milestone in case of a child.
  • Squatting in children makes the process of defecation easier in children.


We assume that after reading all this information about squatting and various other weight lifts, the myths have become eliminated from your mind and you have a clear conception of squatting and its effects. We wish you all the best in this process of bodybuilding.

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