How To Download HBO Max On Nintendo Switch?

Wondering how to download HBO max on nintendo switch? Well, there are two major ways to do so- you can install HBO Max on your Nintendo switch by downloading it from the Nintendo e-shop. Or you can stream HBO Max on Nintendo through other streaming devices through some casting app. 

Here we will discuss how you can download HBO Max on Nintendo Switch in the easiest way possible.

Best Steps To Download The HBO Max On Nintendo Switch

There are two major Techniques to get HBO Max on Nintendo Switch. And we will discuss both of them-

Technique 1- Install HBO Max on Nintendo Switch 

Technique 2- Stream HBO Max on Nintendo Switch through Streaming Devices. 

Let us discuss these techniques and each step associated with them. 

Install HBO Max on Nintendo Switch

In case you are willing to download HBO Max on Nintendo Switch follow these given steps-

Step 1- At first, take your Nintendo Switch to power it on by clicking on the power button that is in the top-left corner.

Step 2- After that, you are required to merge the Nintendo Switch up with a super-high-speed source of internet. 

Step 3- Now it will display a news field display and click the A tab to enter into the Home screen of the Nintendo Switch.

Step 4- Further, you should click on the Nintendo e-shop, which basically looks like a shopping bag symbol.

Step 5- Now enter your details such as your password to enter into your Nintendo Switch account and then select the OK tab. 

Step 6- Initiate to click on the Search tab and then enter the HBO Max app name in the search field of Nintendo Switch.

Step 7- Advance to choose up the HBO Max app to download and further install it to your Nintendo Switch’s app section.

Step 8- Finally, open the HBO Max app to do the login process and watch all its contents on Nintendo Switch. 

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Stream HBO Max On Nintendo Switch Through Streaming Devices

Instead of installing HBO Max on Nintendo Switch, you can also try this method. Use other streaming devices which have HBO Max. Some of them are Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and many others.

Stream HBO Max On Nintendo Switch Through Streaming Devicesg

Step 1- At first, you need to combine your streaming device with your Smart TV and then power it up.

Step 2- Now you need to proceed to link up your streaming device with a Smart TV to a fast source of internet supply.

Step 3– Then, you are required to enter into the Home interface of the streaming device and then click on the app store tab.

Step 4- After that, you have to enter the HBO Max app name in the search field and select it from the search results. 

Step 5- Now furthermore, you are required to install the HBO Max app on your streaming device’s app section.

Step 6- Unfold the HBO Max app and then use your personal details to do the login procedure in HBO Max.

Step 7- Now at the end, you can start to watch HBO Max on your streaming device by using the internet connection. 

Step 8- Now using a casting app just cast HBO Max to your Nintendo Switch and enjoy your favorite content.

Thus, these are the two ways you can easily install and watch HBO Max on your Nintendo Switch.


  • What is Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is actually a gaming console, and it is also a handheld device for playing various kinds of games and streaming videos.  In fact, it offers access to a remarkably strong library of excellent games on your TV, Play Station, or so on.

  • How to get HBO Max on Nintendo Switch with Roku?

Roku is a brilliant device to stream HBO Max. It can even be downloaded for free on Roku Channel Store. Even you can quickly get the app and start streaming your favorite content on HBO Max on Roku. Follow these steps to get it on Roku-

Step 1- At first take your Roku device controller and go to the device’s home screen.

Step 2- Now click on the Search Channel option.

Step 3- Look up HBO Max in the Search bar.

Step 4-  Now, select the app from the search result.

Step 5- Go ahead and tap on the Add Channels to get it downloaded on your device.

Step 6- Once you have downloaded, click OK to move ahead.

Step 7- Now get back to the Home Screen and locate HBO Max in your lineup.

Step 8- Now login with your credentials.

As soon as this entire process ends, you can stream HBO Max on Nintendo Switch through the Roku device. 

  • What Devices Are Supported With HBO Max?

HBO Max is compatible with almost all gadgets. You can even use HBO Max on devices such as Apple iPhones, Apple TVs, Apple iPad, and Desktop Windows. It is even possible for you to stream HBO Max on video game support such as Xbox One and Series and even PS4 and PS5.

But make sure you always compare your device’s software version with the HBO Max requirement criteria. 

Here’s a list of devices that are supported with HBO Max-

  • Xbox Series X and S
  • Xbox One
  • Desktop Windows.
  • Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and more.
  • Sony Model TV.
  • Google Smart TV
  • All Android Devices
  • Amazon audio-visual devices
  • Can You Watch Shows On Nintendo Switch?

Indeed, many services are not available on the Nintendo Switch, but you can still find a number of shows, movies, videos, and even various live streams to watch while using the Nintendo Switch.

Follow this article to install HBO max on your Nintendo Switch.

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