How Long Does Ios 16 Take To Install? [Solved]

Do you know how long does iOS 16 take to install? The time required for the installation process is between 10 and 20 minutes. But, if you use strong Wi-Fi, and if there are not any problems affecting the servers, you can download its developer beta within 5 to 15 minutes. The setup process needs 5 to 10 minutes, and the overall software upgrade process needs about 20 to 45 minutes. 

Why Do iPhone Updates Take So Long?

Many factors can be there that slow down the iOS updates, and these depend on the devices. There are a few reasons, including:

Preparation Time

You must back up each data on the mobile before updating this. Otherwise, the updates may negatively affect your applications and data. Hence, the backup procedure and other preparations need 10 to 30 minutes. It will extend the update time also. 

iOS Update File's size
how long does ios 16 take to install

Different update files have different sizes. It depends on how many features & upgrades these carry. Are you switching from iOS 15 to iOS 16? If it is the case, then you might find around 5GB of the iOS update file. You should know that this one is a big update as it carries multiple features. Therefore, it will take a long time to download, install, and configure the apps. 

Available Storage Space
how long does ios 16 take to install

There is always something new in every update, and it requires space for accommodating on your mobile. So, your mobile storage must have space. Otherwise, the iOS update will freeze in the meantime. Besides, it may be terminated when you run for a long time.

When you start the update procedure, you should always check the space available on the mobile to ensure that the space is okay for the file’s accommodation or enough for the file’s size. 

Apple Servers

Sometimes, these can negatively affect your iOS updates. Many people use iPhones and update their systems immediately after Apple’s release. As a result, you can find the servers overloaded with massive traffic. You can experience delays at the time of updating your iPhone during the maintenance of Apple servers. 

You must check the status of the Apple server to ensure that it works fine before you start an update. Once you go to the Apple System Status page, you will find the dot adjacent to App Store, iCloud and Sign In, etc., green. Suppose you have not seen any green dots. If it is the case, you should wait until the company resolves the issue before going for an iPhone update. 

Network Connection
how long does ios 16 take to install

The download and installation procedure may take time if you are using a slow network connection. Hence, network strength is important, and its consistency Is crucial. It will require more time for the update when the process fails. 

Other Running Apps

When you update iOS, there are many resources that your mobile uses. Therefore, you should not run other apps in the background. Otherwise, the update process will slow down due to the split of resources. 

Your iPhone's Age

This factor can influence the time required for an iOS update. Generally, other devices are sluggish. So, every new update comes with features that may require improved hardware. Therefore, ensure that before updating iOS, you are considering the model and iPhone’s age. 

What To Do To Make iPhone Updates Faster?

how long does ios 16 take to install

You know now how long iOS 16 takes to install. Besides, we have informed the factors due to which the duration of iOS updates may increase. So, these are the things that you need to do for making the iPhone updates faster. 

  • You have to be ready for the update. Hence, what you need to do is to back up the iPhone. Try to do all preparations before moving so that you can perform the update. If necessary, do it one day before the release date of the new iOS.
  • You must have a powerful internet connection. Hence, perform a speed test to ensure your mobile’s network strength before updating. You may open YouTube or Safari to ensure that you have a good network connection. 
  • If other apps run in the background, stop these and, after that, initiate the update. When you shut down the background running apps, you will get more resources for iOS updates. As a result, the update will take less time. 
  • You need to have more storage space in your device. Sometimes, updates may be big. So, you need to delete apps and files to make enough space for the update with its features. 
  • You should wait for a few days after releasing iOS and then try to update your device. You should know that at that time the server of Apple doesn’t get overloaded or slow. Because the traffic of users who try to update will be reduced. 
  • You should cancel the update if the update is not moving or is taking longer than expected. After that, you have to reboot the mobile to perform a fresh restart of your phone. If you want, delete your downloaded update file before you reboot the mobile and start the entire process again. 
  • Your mobile must have sufficient battery power, and you should check this before updating. Remember that you can not update anything if the battery power is less than 50%. Therefore, you have to keep the mobile plugged into a wall outlet. As soon as the charging starts and the power goes above 50%, the update will resume.
  • You need to reset the network settings when the problem remains. This procedure can help you to remove glitches that affect the network connections. If you want to reset the network, you should launch Setting first. After that, navigate to General. Then, you need to click on Reset and Reset Network Settings. Now, you have to enter the passcode and confirm the remaining. 

What to do Basically if iPhone Update Taking Forever to Download

You may use any iOS system recovery software when an iPhone update takes forever. With the help of this tool, you can resolve issues. 

Backup your iPhone Before Updating to the New iOS Version

how long does ios 16 take to install

  • You should head toward Settings. Then, go to [your name] section and iCloud thereafter. Next, you need to move to iCloud Backup.
  • Then, you have to enable iCloud Backup. iCloud is capable of backing up the iPhone automatically if the iPhone is locked, and connected to power or Wi-Fi. 
  • You should click on the Backup Now option if you want a manual backup. 

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1. Can I skip iOS 15.7 to iOS 16?

Whether you want to go directly to iOS 16, remember that there is no need to download iOS 15.7 first. You should know that iOS 16 contains bug fixes mentioned in the release notes. Hence, you only need to tap on the Upgrade to iOS 16 option under iOS 15.7.

2. Is iOS 16 worth installing?

iOS releases are never bug-free. Therefore, it may happen that you can face issues that you have not encountered before. iOS 16.1 and beyond devices come with new security updates and features. So, using the latest version can give you many benefits. 

3. What iPhone can run iOS 16?

Suppose you have an iPhone 8 of 2017 or you are using any newer version such as the 2nd and 3rd gen iPhone SE. If it is the case, you should download iOS 16 and run it. 

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