How Much Is A Xbox 360 Worth

Do you know how much is an Xbox 360 worth today? The average price of the original Xbox 360 (with no hard drive) is $121, depending on the currently sold eBay listings.

Regarding the value of an Xbox 360 Premium (20GB) version, you need to invest $82, while the Premium (60GB) model costs $100.

$53 is the price of the Elite (120GB) console. Besides, the redesigned Xbox 360 Slim costs $72 (4GB) and $78 (250GB) respectively. In addition, the 360 E costs $82 (4GB), $91 (250GB), and $145 (500GB) respectively.

The Xbox 360 value varies significantly and depends on some vital factors, including the model, hard drive size, condition of the console, retailer, etc.

How Much Is An Xbox Elite Worth?

It was released in April 2007. This Elite version was actually a black version of Xbox 360 with even more storage and black controllers.

Nowadays, it is worth from $20 to $140, depending on the condition of the console, the manuals, cables, controllers, and the box.

Used: $20 – $140

Refurbished: $50+

Sealed: $300+

How Much Is An Xbox 360 Slim Worth?

It is a newer console released in 2010. This version didn’t sell like the original. But several gamers upgraded it to the slim one because the genuine one was getting slower and sounded like a small airplane in the kids’ bedroom.

How Much Is A Xbox 360 Worth

It costs around $35 – $130, based on the condition. In addition, it depends if you have all accessories, manuals, and controllers.

Used: $35 – $130

Refurbished: $70 – $150

Sealed: $250+

How Much Is An Xbox Slim E Worth?

Although this console is sold very well, you might find it costly as there are not many models manufactured to sell. It was launched in 2013, before the Xbox One.

This version costs between $25 and $130, based on condition. You can sell a dirty, used Slim E model for $25, while a console in good condition with all accessories costs more than $100.

Used: $25 – $130

Refurbished: $70 – $160

Sealed: $400+ (very rare)

How Much Is An Xbox 360 Controller Worth?

It comes with a few Xbox 360 accessories designed by Microsoft. But it is the controller that most people are willing to sell. Xbox 360 worth is between $15 and $60 based on condition and if it is boxed or sealed.

An Xbox 360 value-used controller can be available for $20 on average, while a sealed, never-used controller is more than $60.

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What Are The Differences Between Different Xbox 360 Models?

While the Xbox 360 consoles are different cosmetically, they have other functions. These are crucial to note for prospective buyers and sellers. In addition, the first two designs come with many models of various types.

How Much Is A Xbox 360 Worth

While the original version is available in five different models, the Xbox 360 S (or slim) comes in three models.

Xbox 360 Core:

It is available in its original design.

Entry-level launch model

It doesn’t have HDD and a wired controller

No HDMI port exists. 

Xbox 360 Pro (“Premium” MODEL):

It is available in its original design. 

Higher-end launch model

It has 20 GB or 60 GB HDD and a wireless controller

No HDMI ports on previous 20 GB models are available. 

Xbox 360 Arcade:

It comes in an original design. 

Replaced Core as the entry-level model

It has 256 MB or 512 MB of memory & a wireless controller. 

HDMI port is available 

Xbox 360 Elite:

The original design is available 

It contains a 120GB HDD. 

Wireless controller

HDMI port exists. 

Xbox 360 Super Elite:

This version comes in the original design. 

It has a 250 GB HDD. 

Limited edition models are available. 

It contains an HDMI port. 

Xbox 360 S 4 GB:

The slim redesign is available. 

It is an entry-level slim console

It contains a 4 GB internal flash memory. 

HDMI port is available. 

Xbox 360 S 250 GB:

It comes in a slim redesign. 

It comes with a 250 GB HDD. 

HDMI port is available. 

Xbox 360 S 320 GB:

The slim redesign is available. 

It comes with a 320 GB HDD. 

Limited edition models are available. 

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Xbox 360 E:

The final redesign is more rectangular and less rounded. 

4 GB, 250 GB, and 500 GB models are available 

Internal hardware is similar to the S models. 

Several Xbox 360 consoles are available in various hard drive options. Regarding hard drives, if you want more space, you will need to invest more money.

In addition, price discrepancies are, on average, between $10-$40 based on the difference in hard drive. These hard drives are simple to upgrade. Whether you find a good deal with limited space, you should go for it despite your need for a bigger hard drive.

Is It Still Worth Buying An Xbox 360 Today?

How much is an Xbox 360 worth? You might wonder if you should purchase Xbox 360 models recently. You can find the current Xbox consoles supporting a backward compatibility feature. Therefore, no reason will be there to get an Xbox 360 today. 

How Much Is A Xbox 360 Worth

It is possible to run into legal problems regarding pirating games. But you can see several reasons to hack a console. Aside from that, it does not do any illegal tasks.

It opens up the Xbox 360 & plays games from any nation. In addition, it supports backward compatibility and greater customization while offering more gaming options. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an Xbox 360 worth?

How much is an Xbox 360 worth today? The cost of the Xbox 360 is $20 – $120, but it depends on the condition and the type of Xbox 360. Microsoft released the Xbox 360, the Xbox 360 Elite, the Xbox 360 Slim, and finally, the Xbox 360 E. 

2. How much does an Xbox 360 sell for now?

Usually, it is sold for around $200.00. But sometimes, it depends on the age and condition of the console. This Xbox 360 is a gaming console released in 2005.

the successor to the original Xbox, it gave a tough challenge against Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Nintendo’s Wii consoles. The Xbox One succeeded the Xbox 360 in 2013.

3. Is Xbox 360 worth buying in 2020?

You won’t get a proper answer as to whether the Xbox 360 is worth buying in 2020. It has been out for more than a decade. Now, it comes with a few newer games not performing on the previous hardware.

But it has a powerful library of games. In addition, you can find it at a lower price than many newer consoles.

4. How much does an Xbox 360 sell for 2020?

It is a gaming console released in 2005. $200 is the recent Xbox 360 price. 

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