How To Add Music To Spotify From Youtube Chromebook

You can add music to Spotify from youtube Chromebook using the web app. Chromebook is a Chrome OS-powered laptop used to listen, study, watch movies, or for other tasks. It works very quickly. Besides, the updates are simple to launch. 

Google enables us to run Android apps using Chromebook, including Spotify. It is an excellent music streaming app where about 320 million monthly users can listen to Spotify songs, playlists, or podcasts.

This platform comes with over 70 million songs in its streaming catalog. But several songs are unavailable on this platform. If you have songs that are not streaming on Spotify, it is possible to upload these to Spotify and listen to them. Whether you sync the PC with the Spotify mobile app, take the music. 

This article lets you learn how to add songs to Spotify unavailable on this platform. It indicates that you can upload music to Spotify on PC, iPhone, and Android devices. 

Ways To Add Music To Spotify From Youtube Chromebook

You can run Android apps using Chromebook. Google allowed us to run Android apps with Chromebook in 2016. It indicates that users can access the Android music streaming apps using a Chromebook. You should follow these steps to get Spotify on your Chromebook through the Android app. 

  • Your first task is to update the Chrome OS version to the recent version. Next, you should select the option ‘Settings’ from your mobile.
  • Afterward, you must navigate to the ‘Google Play Store’ option from your Chromebook. Now, you should enable the option ‘Install apps and games from Google Play on your Chromebook.’
  • Find the Spotify app and tap on this to download.
  • Once you complete the download, you should launch the app on your Chromebook to hear music, playlists, audiobooks, or albums that you like. It is also possible to download Spotify music for offline listening. Hence, you need to update the app to Spotify Premium. 

How Do I Play Spotify And YouTube At The Same Time?

How To Add Music To Spotify From Youtube Chromebook

You can play these at a time when they are in web tabs, not windows. 

How Do You Transfer Music From YouTube To Spotify?

  • You should first open the Web App. 
  • Then, you need to tap on Platform to Platform () in the interface’s left panel. 
  • You should choose YouTube Music as the source service. Then, you can connect to the platform. 
  • Now, check the corresponding box on the left. Thus, you can select the categories of elements that you are willing to transfer. 
  • As your destination source, you should choose Spotify, and then you need to connect to the platform.
  • Remember that the transfer procedure can run in the background. Users can see the batch progression in real-time in their Batches list. 

How To Transfer Playlists From YouTube Music To Spotify?

  • You should first open your Web App. 
  • Choose the Playlists category Playlists Tab in the Library. 
  • Then, you should connect to YouTube Music. Hence, you need to tap on it in the left panel.
  • You should choose the YouTube Music playlists which you are willing to move. In this case, you must check the corresponding box on the left of each playlist. 
  • Tap on Convert tools () in the top toolbar.
  • Choose Spotify as the destination. After that, you should connect to the platform. 
  • After completing the process, your playlists will be available on Spotify if you find tracks. 

Install Spotify On Chromebook By Spotify Web Player

Chromebook is a useful laptop for its lightweight and easy usability. It is used for learning, teaching, gaming, and listening to music. In addition, it enables you to access Spotify via Spotify Web Player using Chrome OS. You should follow these steps to download Spotify on Chromebook by Spotify Web Player.

  • You should open the browser for Spotify Web Player, which is compatible with Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. Then, head toward the browser address bar. Now, write the URL “’ and move to the link.
  • Whether you use Spotify Web Player for the first time, you will see a pop-up prompt asking, ‘Playback of protected content is not enabled.’ Now, you should put the new browser address bar to resolve the issue. Write chrome://settings/content to it. After that, check out Enable and the web player.
  • Thereafter, you should return to the Spotify Web Player. Then, your job is to log in or Register to the Spotify account if you are new to this. Once it is completed, you can hear Spotify playlists, music tracks, or albums on your Chromebook. It is impossible to download songs on Chromebook offline using Spotify Web Player, even not from Spotify Premium.

How Do You download Music From YouTube On A Chromebook?

How To Add Music To Spotify From Youtube Chromebook

You can follow the steps if you are viewing a music video on YouTube and wish to download that song in MP3 format on the Chromebook. Your first task is to visit an online free YouTube video converter site. Now, you need to paste the copied link into the space provided. Then, you can see the option Convert to MP3 on that site. 


1. Can you add Spotify to a Chromebook?

You can stream all your favorite tunes and podcasts on your Chromebook. Hence, you need to use the Spotify Web Player or install the Android version of Spotify.

2. How to fix Spotify not working on Chromebook?

  • Your first task is to download the Spotify application.
  • Then, open the app. After that, you should pin the app icon to the toolbar/dock. 
  • Hit the icon to open the app. Hence, you can see a black screen. 
  • Tap on the Spotify icon in the dock and choose the search option.
  • Now, the black screen is expected to be removed. So, you can search and play. 

3. Does Spotify work on Chromebook?

The web app is the easiest process to use Spotify on a Chromebook. Hence, you need to move to After that, you should sign in to the Spotify account. As soon as you sign in successfully, try to access all your favorite songs, albums, and playlists right from the browser.

4. Can I upload local files to Spotify using my Chromebook?

If you are a windows user, Spotify asks you to run a scan on all music folders once you install the app. But if music files reside in scattered folders, it can locate all.

  • You should first navigate to the Spotify desktop app and open it. 
  • After that, your job is to tap on the Profile icon and name in the upper right corner. Next, you should choose Settings. You may tap on the horizontal ellipsis (Settings) in the top-left section. Now, choose Edit and Preferences, respectively. 
  • Toggle on the option Show Local Files in the Local Files section. 
  • Tap on ADD A SOURCE in the Music Library section.
  • After that, tap on ADD A SOURCE in the Show songs from section to select a folder. Thereafter, tap on OK.
  • You can see all your chosen ones appearing in the Show songs from section in the Spotify app. It is possible to toggle on or off every folder at any time.
  • While coming back to the Home screen, you should choose Your Library on the left. Then, you need to hit the Local Files folder.

It is possible to play your local music and add these to a playlist.

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