Easy Ways To Get Error Glove In Slap Battles? [ Complete Guide ]

If you are willing to know how to get the Error Glove in slap battles, you need to check these below-described steps but remember that you need to do so after fulfilling the requirements. 

  • Hence, your first job is to start this game and head toward the main spawn area.
  • Next, you should find the Moai Statue in the lobby.
  • As soon as you find the statue, you should go behind this. Then, you can find the glove.

You should know that if you want to get the glove, it takes a lot of time. The reason is that it isn’t so simple to meet the requirements. Hence, the player must reach at least the level of 20,000 slap counts to find this behind the Moai Statue. As a result, the Error Badge gets unlocked in the game. 

Whether you have not unlocked this, you need to begin the process of slapping in the Public Servers. If you are willing to increase the process’ speed, you must use Slap Multipliers. 

There is no need to look for this in Slap Battles. Once you begin this, you have to turn around 180 degrees. Then, a stone statue that is between yellow and red portals on the left side of Easter Island will be seen. After that, you can get the item behind cobblestone.

Next, when you go to the statue’s right side, you can see a small Easter egg. Then, a stone slab will be available with an inscription saying that a person died there. The corpse of the dead person is seen under the platform. This character died during the game map construction.

What Are the Abilities of Error Glove?

how to get the error glove in slap battles

The Error Glove comes with a unique ability, that is, Death. If the player slaps others, they will die. However, the ability doesn’t limit here, as pressing the E key allows the user to die. Several players consider it a ‘Fast Exit’ from the game. A few players use an Error Glove to help their friend’s farm kills.

How Many Slaps Do You Need For The Error Glove

It is not as easy to acquire an Error Glove as you think. However, you may think that you can unlock this without any grind. But it isn’t. This one is the most challenging thing to do when it comes to unlocking this game. 

Around twenty thousand kills are required to unlock this, but you must find this before. The easiest way to get this is to log in to the game with your friends. Then, slap each other to get the number of kills. 

However, the process is time-consuming. So, you should continuously farm for ten hours to reach your target. But it is possible only once per day. 

How Much Does An Error Glove Cost?

how to get the error glove in slap battles

We have already mentioned how to get the error glove in slap battles. Now, you may want to know how much an error glove costs. Like other games, it is also available at a hefty price. This Error Glove costs 20000 slaps. Hence, a player has to slap others 20000 times to unlock the game.

You can run through some Public Servers and thereafter try to get the maximum violence. Players should slap anything which is moving and breathing. If you are willing, farm with your friends. The Error Glove is located adjacent to the entry ramp behind a statue. The stone is seen behind the portal to the Slap Battle Royale.   

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1. What is the most annoying glove in Slap battles?
These are the names of the annoying gloves in Slap battles, including:-

  • The Flex.
  • Error.
  • Reaper.
  • God’s Hand

2. How Long Does The Game Require To Reach A 20,000 Slap Count In Slap Battles?

You should reach 20,000 slap counts for unlocking the glove and Error Badge. If you are willing to reach the level, you should first hop into any game. How to get the error glove in slap battles? Then, your task is to use the default glove for slapping any opponent in the PvP battle arena. The time required for the process is 10 to 15 hours for beginners.

3. Can you get the Bob glove on a private server in slap battles?

Yes, you can get Bob gloves on a private server in slap battles. 

4. What glove do you get when you go to Brazil to slap battles?

The Brazil glove is based on its nation and the “YOU ARE GOING TO BRAZIL!” meme. So, if you slap someone using the admin-exclusive glove, you will be kicked from the server.

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