How To Make A Gamepass On Roblox [ Complete Guide ]

If you want to make a Game Pass on Roblox, use the correct ID and Password to access your account. Then, click on the Create page where you can manage your published games.

After that, you should click on “Games” below the “My Creations” option on the Create page. Once you click on “published games,” you can see a drop-down menu and click “Create Game Pass.”

After that, a Game pass is made, and you must select a suitable icon. Gamers can see it. Next, hit the “Choose File” option to place the icon. Now, name it and give a suitable description. Finally, hit the “Preview” option to check the final result. Then, click on the “verify upload” option. 

What Is Gamepass In Roblox?

It allows Roblox developers to make special passes, and users can buy them only once using Robux. These can give players special access to a restricted area. It is an item used for the avatar or a long-lasting power-up.

Players will have the special effect always because these passes are needed only once, even if they leave and rejoin a game. You can create special passes if you are a game developer with a Game Pass.

As a result, if a Roblox user wants to buy them using Robux, you can offer them access to a restricted particular area in a game or a fixed chance to power up. Passes that use Game passes can only be purchased once by each player.

How To Make A Gamepass On Roblox?

Do you want to learn how to create a game pass on Roblox? Go through these steps to understand how to make a game pass. Remember that the tool is valid only for developers.

How To Make A Gamepass On Roblox

Therefore, whether you are a Roblox player, access a Game Pass whenever you want. But it is impossible to make one. 

Step 1. Create A Game Room:

Head toward the Roblox website and publish your game. If you want to implement a Game Pass, it will improve the experience. As a result, it can make your game more enjoyable than you imagined.

Step 2. Go To "My Creations":

Now, you should move to the developer’s page. After going to the page, you can adjust all games you have made in the past.

Then, you should move to My Creations and Games thereafter. Hit the gear icon at the display right, and you will see a drop-down menu.

Step 3. Select "Create Game Pass":

Choose the option “Create a Game Pass” in this drop-down menu. It will open a menu where you must set the Game Pass correctly.

Step 4. Set Up The New Game Pass:

You must detect the Game Pass you will acquire. It is essential to set it up so other players know the major advantages they might enjoy after buying that Game Pass.

Now, choose an icon and try to upload a picture. After that, name the game pass. 

During setting up a GamePass, you should be aware of three crucial things. 

1. The icon: You can see multiple pre-made icons in Roblox’s system. Therefore, you may need to select one from there. So, try not to lose sufficient time. 

2. The name: A Game Pass ID will be made. But you need to set up a name you can find easily. Therefore, users can find it easily. 

3. The description: All players should know the function of your Game Pass before purchasing. 

Step 5. Preview Your Game Pass Before Uploading:

Although you select a default Game Pass image, it is advised to make a new one by yourself. Therefore, users might get a deeper connection with your Game Pass.

It can detect the feature properly that you want to upload. Therefore, it is essential to be original to Succeed.

Then, hit the preview button and check how this Pass appears after uploading. 

Step 6. Set Your Game Pass Price:

If you want to set a price for the Game Pass, go through these steps. 

  • Head toward Settings. Then, you should open your Game Pass and tap on the “Configure” option.
  • After that, toggle on the “Item for sale” option.
  • Then, set the amount of the GamePass. It is possible to set any amount you wish. But ensure to consider the Robux Transaction fee before proceeding.
Step 7. Share The Game Pass ID with Other Users:

After setting the cost and uploading the Game Pass, you can share it with all.

You will find a Game Pass ID created and can use it to share with others. Next, wait till other players are not joining.

It is possible to Add Friends in Roblox and provide the Gamepass link. Thus, you can find it easily. 

Is Making A Gamepass In Roblox Free?

Yes, you can make it in Roblox for free. It is possible to set the number of Robux gamers. They need to pay to avail the special Game Pass.

How To Make A Gamepass On Roblox

Therefore, if you are a game developer, continue to make game passes as often as possible. You can fix the cost to earn free Robux out of this.

How Much Robux Does It Cost To Make A Gamepass In Roblox?

It is possible that Roblox makes a game pass for free and sets the number of Robux. You must present Roblox with a 30% fee if you are a game developer.

Suppose a gamer needs to pay 300 Robux for your Roblox game pass. Then, you will get 210 Robux when someone purchases your game pass in Roblox.

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