How To Use Stereo Mix On Discord? [Easiest Ways]

Do you want to use Stereo Mix On Discord? Then you need to enable the option: stereo mix option via the PC settings. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do so: 

  • First, your task is to enable the option: Stereo mix on PC. To do so, you need to go to your desktop tray. Then, your task is to right-click on the audio icon.
  • Then, you need to tap on the option: Recording Devices.
  • As soon as you see the Sound window open, you need to confirm that you are on the Recording tab. After that, you have to right-click in the empty space under “Select a recording device”.
  • Then, you need to confirm that you have turned on the options: “Show Disabled Devices” and “Show Disconnected Devices”.
  • Now, you will get to see the option for “Stereo Mix” come up in a greyed-out picture. Then, you need to tap on the option Enable.

The stereo Mix not Picking Up Any Sound

How To Use Stereo Mix On Discord

Don’t worry if, after following all the preceding instructions, the Stereo Mix feature still doesn’t operate properly. We are here to assist.

There are several varied issues that can prevent your stereo mix from playing audio through Discord. Some are mentioned below:

1. Default Device Checking

It’s possible that the device you usually use is not what you need right now. You must have Stereo Mix set as the default device for the time being. You must make it right. This is the procedure.

  • Dispatch Control Panel
  • The Hardware and Sound website Right-click on the Stereo Mix by scrolling to it.
  • Simply click the Test icon there to see if it is operating properly after setting it as the default playback device.
  • Adhere to the green bars. If they are rising and falling, it is effective.
2. Cease to use of a USB microphone

When using Stereo Mix in Discord, USB-powered microphones frequently experience technical difficulties. Simply put, your PC can’t accurately detect the sound, which prevents it from providing the best possible experience.

It is preferable to switch to a microphone with an auxiliary connector that is designed to enter sound through the microphone.

More tips :

The characteristics of the stereo mix option in your sound settings are another useful piece of advice for a stereo mixing. You can uncheck the “Listen to device” box by going to the Properties tab of the stereo mix option in your sound devices.

If the box is checked, issues might happen more frequently since it can produce extremely loud feedback and echo. You should also access the Levels tab of the stereo mix option when you’re in that area of the Properties tab. Here, you can check how loudly you’ve configured your speakers to play the audio.

On this Levels page, you should immediately check some things like:

  • The audio is not muted. (You can find this option on the levels tab, to the right of the volume meter.) When you click on it, be sure there isn’t a red circle that has been crossed out.
  • The volume is set to an appropriate level, usually between 30 and 70%.

There are still a few approaches you can try to resolve your stereo mix issues if you are still experiencing problems after trying all the above troubleshooting suggestions.

  • The “Playback through this device” option is one of several in the Sounds menu of the stereo mix device that can lead to a lot of problems. To prevent any trouble with missing sound, pick the gadget you’re using.
  • The stereo mix option may start functioning as intended if you insert something into that auxiliary slot, whether it’s a device or an old microphone you don’t intend to use. Although this is not a universal solution, it has helped some people who have previously had trouble with a stereo mix.
  • Additionally, you should be aware of the setting in the advanced tab that permits computer-based software to have sole control over the stereo mix device. This should be checked to make it easier for Discord and other communication apps to use our stereo mixer to produce the greatest sound quality possible. Giving them precedence via the “Give exclusive mode applications priority” option is one way to do this.
  • Simply unplugging and plugging in your selected device again can solve a stereo mixing problem. Even while it seems easy, there are occasions when a quick fix can save you hours of troubleshooting and system settings adjustments.
  • The Sounds menu’s Communications tab is also an option. When you are having a conversation using a communication device, you have the choice to have the computer automatically turn down all other sounds. This means that your computer will attempt to reduce the level when you are speaking with someone so that you can hear them better.

Despite the fact that this may seem like a useful function, if it is decreased too much, it can ruin your stereo mixing. If at all feasible, it is preferable to ignore this selection.

Tips for Use of Discord

How To Use Stereo Mix On Discord

There are a few adjustments you may make to your settings after Discord’s stereo mix feature is operational in order to achieve the best results.

  • There is the Noise Reduction option to start. The fan or air conditioner will assist drown out any background noises as you speak if you choose this option. It might be wise for you to try turning on this option before making any changes to your stereo mix settings since it works well for many users.
  • To balance the sounds between your voice and the computer, you can also change the volume. To obtain a decent indication of how loud you are in comparison to the volume of your computer sounds, you can always allow the option to hear your voice.

There are a few things you should try to enable or disable if you are experiencing unusual distortion or your volume is still too low. In Discord’s audio options, you can try turning on Echo Reduction if you notice that there is a lot of echo coming from your end.

Simply click the gear icon next to your name in the lower left corner of Discord to accomplish this. You can then change your microphone and output devices by clicking the Voice and Video option, which is located beneath “App Settings.” A choice for echo cancellation can be found if you scroll down that menu.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that each user on Discord has their unique volume settings, so it could be a better option to just ask your friends to assist with this by chatting with them and beginning to exchange sounds on Discord.


While sharing computer audio with others on Discord using Stereo Mixing is really helpful for viewing shows or playing games with pals, it can be frustrating if you continually run into problems. We have tried our best to address all of the problems which you may face.

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