How To Watch Paramount Plus Free On Xfinity [Updated 2022]

Is paramount plus free with Xfinity? If you are using Xfinity, you should know that you can’t use Paramount Plus for free. The reason for that is this service is subscription-based. So, if you want to use this, you must need an active subscription. 

Suppose you have a subscription to CBS All Access service. If it is the case, enjoy Paramount Plus, and you do not need to pay extra. Hence, your job is registering to the service’s account on Xfinity Flex or X1. 

how Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

Is paramount plus free with Xfinity? In this case, you should know that you will find two pricing tiers: ad-supported tier and premium tier. The first one is available at $5.99 and can offer all live sports, breaking news, entertainment options, etc. But the second one’s commercial price is $9.99 per month, but it can let you update to 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, and phone downloads.

You can get a new ad-supported tier where you have to invest $4.99 monthly in June. But the drawback is that the tier does not come with local live CBS stations. You don’t get this at the $5.99 option if you are a new user. However, existing customers can continue using it. If you want to enjoy live local TV, then you need to keep that in mind. 

How do I get Paramount Plus for free?

You need to first open the app on the device. After that, you need to choose Watch Free Episodes to begin the process. If you are willing to use your TV provider login credentials for free streaming, you must navigate to You may use the CBS app, but you must download it for the App Store, Google Play, or Amazon. 

How to Access Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

The service supports Xfinity Flex and Xfinity X1, and you can find them on both platforms. So, it is possible to access this with internet-only plans and Xfinity TV plans. If you use the Xfinity internet plans, you will get Xfinity Flex 4K streaming box free. So, you can stream all titles which are your favorite, and you don’t even need to invest money with the Xfinity Flex.

To use Paramount Plus, you need to have an Xfinity internet connection because this one is a streaming platform. You can get the ultimate TV experience using the Xfinity X1. Now you can watch the Xfinity TV channels to stream the content you like using Xfinity X1 and its voice remote.

How to Use Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

Is paramount plus free with Xfinity

The app is compatible with Xfinity, but some conditions are required to meet before using the service on your system, including:-

  • You should use a supported Xfinity Flex streaming box like Xi6 or XiOne Streaming box models or Xfinity X1 TV Box such as XG2v2, XG1v3, XG1v4, XiD, Xi5, Xi6 Wireless TV box models
  • An Xfinity Internet service
  • A Paramount Plus subscription

As soon as you fulfill these requirements, you will be able to use this. Ensure that you check the model numbers mentioned above. It ensures that the Xfinity system is compatible with OTT platforms such as Paramount Plus. However, TV box models, like the RNG150, Pace Xi3, Samsung XG2v2, Arris XG1v, and Pace XG1v1, are incompatible with the app.

How to Sign Up for Paramount Plus on Xfinity?

The steps required to follow to sign up for the app are as follows:- 

  • You should first hit the Xfinity button on your remote.
  • After that, you need to head toward Apps.
  • Now, choose Paramount+.
  • You have to move to the Try it Free option.
  • Once you put in your details, you will get an activation code. 
  • Then, you should enter the code on so that you can finish the signup procedure.
  • Finally, it is possible to begin watching your favorite content on it. 

How do Sign in to Paramount Plus App on Xfinity?

is paramount plus free with xfinity

If you have an account already, then you should follow these steps to sign in to the app:-

  • Your first task is to hit the Xfinity button on the voice remote of Xfinity. 
  • Then, your job is to choose Paramount+ on the apps menu. You may use voice commands for the app. 
  • Then, you should choose any of the options of signing in through the web or TV. 
  • People signing in through the web should visit the site After that, they need to put in their credentials. Then, a code will appear that has to be entered on the Paramount+ website using a phone or PC.
  • But people signing in through TV need to put details through the TV.
  • After signing in, you don’t have to repeat this. 


1. Does Xfinity provide Paramount plus?

It is possible to subscribe to Paramount+ through Xfinity. 

2. How much is paramount plus a month on Xfinity?

If you invest $9.99 monthly, you can watch this without any ads. Besides, if you are willing, invest $99.99 per year, an annual plan which can save your monthly price by 16%. The premium plan comes with a local live CBS station. 

3. How much is paramount on Xfinity?

Is paramount plus free with Xfinity? You should know that Paramount Plus is a subscription-based service indicating that it is necessary to buy the subscription if you want to enjoy the service. People who want to go with the Essential Plan can choose the starting rate of $4.99 per month. But if you want to go with the Premium plan, you need to invest $9.99 monthly. 

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