What To Do When, Mega. NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device Pops?

Why does the website you are visiting shows a pop-up, Mega NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device Should you allow this Download or decline it? Everything that you should know about this message alert is here.

Let us first make it clear that you are not alone in encountering this download prompt message, Mega. NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device. Mega cloud storage service users usually encounter this issue only when they use Google Chrome.

The good thing with this issue is, you can quickly deal with it and even fix it permanently Mega. NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device But before moving ahead to uncover all about this prompt, first, have a quick look at the TOC below-

So, Let’s Get Started! With answering the most common question

What Causes This Mega.NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device Prompt?

“Mega.NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device”
“Mega.NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device” Prompt?

Curiosity hits when you are trying to download your desired file through Mega.NZ service and suddenly see this Mega wants to store files on this device pop up. The only thing that comes to mind is how this Download is different from the regular download “Mega.NZ wants to Store files on this Device.

Also, many users have confusion regarding whether this download request has something to do with a security breach.

Don’t Worry! The pop-up message on your screen is completely legit and has nothing linked to your system security concern.

Even if you change your browser you won’t be receiving this message because Google Chrome is the year FileSystem API and makes it a perfect condition for this pop-up.

The main aim to build FileSystem API is specifically for web apps because for storing large data they need free access for reading and writing purposes. Mega. NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device.

Mega.NZ service works in the same manner where it downloads an encrypted file in its local storage, and to make it usable further decrypts it in the process.“Mega.NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device”

Purpose Of This Download Permission- After in-depth analysis, we found that the main purpose of this permission request prompt is to simply make it clear with its users whether they trust the application or not. A green signal comes for those who download and then decrypt files using their system free storage space.

Well, now you know the cause, the next you must be looking for is-

Best Way To Deal With Mega NZ wants to Store Files On This Device Prompt

Be clear with the point that if you encounter this prompt usually when you step to download a particular file or maybe more than one file through Mega. NZ. And there’s no way left to complete the download in case you tap on the “No” option at the prompt.

As you know Google Chrome browser is the only browser that accentuates this extra layer of security (FileSystem API), to avoid getting this prompt before downloading you can simply use any other browser.

But choosing any other browser over Google Chrome will not affect your download security, which means neither it will increase nor it will decrease. Google Chrome adds just an extra security layer and nothing else.

Did you mistakenly Blocked or Allowed downloads from Mega.NZ and want to change your decision? No Worries! It’s quite simple to return back on your decision just simply visit Mega.NZ homepage and then taps on the favicon icon.

Proceed by clicking on the drop-down menu that is simply associated with Automatic Downloads and then select Block or Allow as per your requirement.

Note- Don’t forget that this particular scenario is not limited to Mega.NZ, but can also be seen getting replicated with all the cloud storage services only when they use the FileSystem API.

We hope everything about this prompt message is clear to you, now let’s have a look at some questions that users usually have regarding this Mega NZ prompt-


Where Does Mega.NZ Save Files?

“Mega.NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device”
Where Does Mega.NZ Save Files

It varies if you have changed your Chrome Download location, but in Windows, the default location is “Downloads.” For quick navigation here’s the download path- %username%\Downloads.
And no matter if you have the question- Where does Mega download to chrome? The default location is the same in almost every case.

Why Does Mega? NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device Reddit Says?

When you click on the “Download” option from the Mega service pop up a web page will open, which is created to indicate the download progress bar. When the bar reaches 100% you will receive a notification from your browser tapping on which will ask for the folder location where to save the file.

Is Mega NZ a type of virus?

Maybe, It depends whether the rar file that you are downloading from Mega nz contains any virus inside. The best way to prevent your computer from such viruses is to use an antivirus.

How Mega NZ Makes Money?

Mega.NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device”
Mega NZ Makes Money?

Well, the financial planning MEGA NZ looks interesting, where they make money with the popular freemium business model. In this model, you get 50GB free storage and when your data file exceeds the given limit a monthly charge gets applicable.

What Is Mega NZ Used For?

Mega or Mega.io is a popular file hosting and cloud storage service. The service offered by Mega Limited.

Final Words

When it comes to cloud storage or file hosting, Mega NZ comes on the list. But sometimes the website prompts a message, Mega. NZ Wants To Store Files On This Device” which makes users spun out what to do.

We hope this guide you questions- Why Mega wants to store files on this device? and How to fix it? is clear now. In case you have any queries just drop them down in the comments.

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