Radeon Settings And Drivers Do Not Match

AMD Radeon software, previously known as “ATI Catalyst” or “AMD Catalyst” is utility software and device driver for “Advanced Micro Devices Graphic cards”. It works with operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux and with 32-64-bitx86 processors Radeon settings and drivers do not match.

Advanced Micro Devices developed the software on 13th June 2002. “ATI Technologies” are its original author. The size of the software is about 288 MB. 

AMD Radeon settings permit the users to adjust the quality of the image and enhance the detailed level of any sort of game. 

What Are Radeon Settings?

AMD Radeon settings are the most essential driver interface which permits the users to use and adjusts different types of graphic driver settings. After installing, Radeon settings are found in the system tray for easy access to “Graphics and Video Profiles”. 

Radeon settings and drivers do not match

Are All Radeon Drivers Are Same?

Radeon drivers are the modern and latest drivers that are used for both “Accelerating Processing Unit” as well as new graphic cards. This can only be possible when users use an updated version of the drivers. The old version can be uninstalled and then install the updated version. All Radeon drivers are the same in nature as per their utility. 

How To Fix Radeon Settings And Driver Does Not Match?

Several steps are to be followed-

  1. Updating Radeon setting application

Pressing the “Windows+R” key on the keyboard → run box opens → typing “appwiz. CPL” → clicking “enter” → right-clicking on “AMD Software” → selecting “uninstall” → clicking “yes” → choosing “AMD Radeon Settings Lite” → downloading the application → restarting the device.

  1. Changing driver version in registry.

Typing “dxdiag” in search bar → selecting “display” tab → proper selection of “version” from the driver section → typing “Regedit” and selecting “Registry Editor” → clicking “yes” → double-clicking on “driver version” → ok → restarting of device.

How to Fix AMD Radeon Driver?

To fix AMD Radeon driver-

radeon settings and drivers do not matchradeon settings and drivers do not match
Radeon settings and drivers do not match

Solution 1- Fixing driver issue with “driver easy”. Downloading and installing “driver easy”→ running driver easy → clicking “scan now” option → clicking “update” → then clicking “update all” for automatic download.

Solution 2- Uninstalling AMD driver in safe mode. Safe mode → right-clicking on “AMD Graphic device” under the category of “display adapters”→ clicking “uninstall” → checking the option “ delete the driver software for the device” → ok → rebooting windows.

Why Are The Drivers Not Updating AMD?

In case if AMD Radeon settings do not provide new updates, then users need to install and download drivers manually. They need to visit AMD’s Driver Support Website and then choosing their required Graphic card and then download drivers. 

AMD’s Driver Support Website
AMD’s Driver Support Website

Downloading AMD Radeon Settings

  • Automatic detection and installing required driver from “AMD Driver Autodetect Tool”. Here, if the graphic card and window version cope up with Radeon software, then it will be automatically gets downloaded.
  • Manually selecting the driver using “AMD Product Selector” in order to choose available Radeon graphics product and drivers.

How to Update The Radeon Settings?

  • Users should click “update” option from Radeon settings.
  • Menu option will display “new update” whenever “new driver” is available.
  • Radeon settings will highlight the installed version and then provide new option for “updates”. 
  • Enabling the option “check for updates” and choosing driver version for updating. 
  • The settings will be updated.

Problem In Opening Radeon Settings

Radeon settings won’t open due to faults in graphic card drivers. It can be solved by updating the settings. Again if the AMD Radeon settings are not matched with the installed driver then also it won’t open. In that case, a new version of the operating system needs to be installed.  

The Problem In Opening AMD Settings

If AMD Settings are not opening then the steps are to be followed-

Radeon settings and drivers do not match
Radeon settings and drivers do not match
  • Start menu → clicking “settings” → choosing “update and security settings” → “windows update” option → enabling “checking for updates button” → if updates are available then it is readily downloaded and installed.

Different versions of Radeon software

The list shows various AMD Radeon software versions are-

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XTAMD Radeon RX 6800 XTAMD Radeon RX 570
AMD Radeon RX 6700 XTAMD Radeon RX 5700 XTMSI Aero Radeon RX 560
AMD Radeon RX 6600 XTAMD Radeon RX 5500 XTMSI Radeon RX 6700 XT Gaming X

Methods Of Checking AMD Radeon Driver Update

Users can able to check the Radeon driver update, simply clicking on the option “update menu”. The menu will readily display a “New” update if the new driver is available. Then selecting “check for update” will show new driver versions which can be updated and installed. 

Radeon Driver For Windows 10

AMD Radeon RX Series Graphics which include R7 and R9 series works well with Windows 10.

Radeon settings and drivers do not match
Radeon settings and drivers do not match

It provides facilities like multiple displays, video capture, power settings, V Sync control and control of integrated display panels. If there is AMD Radeon HD 4000 series, it denotes that the operating system is already upgraded to Windows 10. The AMD Driver Autodetect tool use Windows 10 and are equipped with “AMD Radeon Pro Graphics”,AMD Processors”, Radeon Graphics”. 

How To Update AMD Drivers?

To update AMD drivers, the users need to follow several steps-

  1. Users should click on “Updates menu” option in Radeon settings.
  2. The menu will show new update only if new driver is available.
  3. Radeon settings will provide various options in order to check the updates.
  4. A new dialog box appears with option like “Select check for updates” and users need to enable the option.
  5. Then the desired driver version should be activated in order to proceed with installation of new driver. 
  6. Users will select the “upgrade” option.
  7. After installing and updating, the system is restarted. 

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