Authentication Error on ShareX? Here’s How to Fix it

You can fix the sharex authentication error by ensuring that you have a strong network connection when you attempt logging in to the account. Sometimes, a poor internet connection may be a problem. However, there are many other fixes that you can try like —

  • Using a valid email ID
  • Checking internet connection speed
  • Installing the latest version of ShareX
  • Clearing the browser cache regularly
  • Restarting the router
  • Logging out and logging in to the target service again
  • Reinstalling ShareX
  • Disabling Windows Firewall and antivirus software

What Causes The ShareX Authentication Error?

Although you try to register yourself on the ShareX app, you can encounter problems such as ShareX authentication failure. If the error occurs, the program will not allow you to log in before verifying your credentials. Technical errors from the authentication service of ShareX can cause the problem. 

You can see an authentication error notification on the display when you try to log in. These are some reasons why ShareX authentication failure occurs. 

1. Internet Connection Error

If you have a poor internet connection, you can encounter issues during the authentication process.

2. ShareX Technical Error

The authentication error message can appear when you set any wrong permission for the installation of the app. If you have an outdated ShareX program, you will not get all features required for authentication. Besides, it doesn’t come with administrative privileges. 

3. Incorrect Login Details Or Account Data

You can encounter the issue if you use ShareX and have entered the wrong username or password. As a result, an error notification may appear. 

How To Fix The ShareX Authentication Error Issue?

sharex authentication error

These are some ways through which you can fix the authentication problem. 

1. Use A Valid Email ID

Ensure that you are using a valid email ID before performing the process. Hence, you need to link your email id with your ShareX account. Don’t you have a valid email ID? Then, you need to follow the below steps:-

  • Your first job is to head toward the ShareX Website.
  • Then, your task is to select the tab named “My Account”.
  • Next, you need to select the option “Edit Profile”. 
  • Then, you should write a new valid email ID, and thereafter, your job is to save the changes. 

If your email ID is valid and it is also connected to ShareX, then try other ways.

2. Check Your Internet Connection Speed

If you are encountering the issue due to a poor internet connection, you must ensure that you have a strong internet connection when you log in to the ShareX account. 

3. Install The Latest Version Of ShareX

Suppose you have been using your ShareX for a long time without updating this. As a result, you can see the authentication error message on your display. Hence, your job is to head toward the official website of ShareX to download its latest version. Try to install its latest version enabling you to resolve all bugs in it. You can easily fix the problem with this trick. 

4. Clear The Browser Cache Regularly

Although users can neglect the process, you can try it to check if it can help you to fix the problem. Clearing the cache of the internet browser enables you to solve ShareX’s authentication error message. 

  • In this case, your first task is to move to the internet browser.
  • Then, you should hit the 3-dot icon. After that, what you need to do is select the More option.
  • Next, select More Tools.
  • Navigate to the option Clear browsing data.
  • Whether you want to remove everything, you must select the All Time option.
  • Move to the options “Cache images and files” and “Cookies and other site data”. 
  • Now, you should tick the boxes.
  • Finally, your job is to select the Clear Data option.
5. Restart the Router

If you are willing to restart the router, you should power off this a few times. After that, you must power it on and check if the error is resolved. We hope that it can help you to fix the internet issue. 

6. Log Out & Into Target Service Again

The authentication failure error message can appear when you have put wrong or incorrect credentials for the target service. Hence, you may view the relevant settings under the Destination Settings tab.

7. Reinstall ShareX

If you use ShareX’s latest version but still encounter an authentication problem, you must remove this from the device. Then, you are required to install this again. Thus, it is possible to resolve the authentication error problem. 

8. Disable Windows Firewall And Antivirus Software

Windows firewall and antivirus software can be the reason behind the problem. Therefore, you must power off these when you encounter an authentication failure. 

How To Prevent A ShareX Authentication Error In The Future

If you want to stop the error from happening in the future, you should take these steps. 

1. Update Security Software

You must have the security software updated with the latest version of definitions and patches. It prevents malicious activities on the system. 

2. Use The Newest Browser Extensions

You should often update your browser extensions to increase the program’s performance. 

3. Access Control

If you are willing to prevent unauthorized access, you must enable the restricted access control settings. 

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frequently asked questions

1. Why is my authentication app not working?

The code may not work when the time on the mobile is not the same as the time on the PC. 

2. How do I reset my authentication app?

As soon as you log in as the user, you need to tap on Settings, then Security, and User Manager thereafter. Next, tap on the user account where you will log in yourself. After that, you need to hit the Multi-Factor Authentication tab and choose this option — Generate a new QR code. In this case, hit the Reset button for the Google Authenticator app.

3. Can you bypass authentication?

Consent phishing is a social engineering technique. Hackers request the access level they require. If you grant access, they can bypass MFA verification.

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