Quickly Steps To Fix Tower of Fantasy Server Error ?

There are several potential causes of the Tower of Fantasy server problem. The problem may have been caused by server outages, traffic congestion, a poor internet connection, firewalls, or even the settings on your device. In this instance, server overload is most likely to blame for the issue on the server.

The most typical issue is the Tower of Fantasy server error number 5 10004, and neither it’s meaning nor its precise source is known to us. However, it appears that the problem is caused by the overloaded servers.

It is expected that there would be some issues with the Tower of Fantasy servers given the millions of new gamers. Players in Tower of Fantasy are enduring login status exceptions and crashing problems as a result of the majority of servers being loaded to their maximum capacity.

What are the causes of the Tower of Fantasy server error?

Tower of Fantasy is gradually gaining recognition on a global scale. The game will go live at various times in various time zones so that the servers can accommodate the demand. In advance of its release, players were allowed to pre-load the Tower of Fantasy game, but a weird error that occurs after installation may lead you to believe you made a mistake.

You won’t be able to play the game if you installed it on your selected platform and get the “server under maintenance” message. There might be a number of causes for this annoying error code. Here are a few typical offenders:

  • Unreliable Internet connection: The cause might be as simple as a poor Wi-Fi signal or a brief issue with your ISP’s system.
  • Game creators occasionally need to do server maintenance, which results in brief outages.
  • Issues with game updates: Tower of Fantasy’s old version could be interfering with your ability to connect correctly.
  • Interference from a firewall or antivirus program: On occasion, overprotective security programs may abruptly terminate connections.

Server problems may be an unpleasant experience, regardless of whether you’re an experienced gamer or brand-new to the world of Tower of Fantasy. But do not worry, my fellow explorers! To help you prevent the dreaded “tower of fantasy server error” and make sure your gaming sessions are as seamless as possible, we’ve put together some useful advice.

How to Fix the Tower of Fantasy Server Error?

Oftentimes, players who are playing the game in regions where it hasn’t yet been launched encounter the “error under maintenance” warning. They must wait till Tower of Fantasy releases in their region because of an error. They can try visiting the Tower of Fantasy website in the meanwhile.

This error message might appear for a variety of reasons. It happens most frequently when the servers are being repaired. This indicates that the developers of the game are working to add new features or address issues. We’ll demonstrate some fixes for the Tower of Fantasy Server Under Maintenance Error for you to attempt. 

Restart your PC: 
Tower of Fantasy Server Error

The system slows down and malfunctions if too many users use the PC at once to play video games. The PC maintains a lot of files open as you play for hours on end, which is why. Finally, these files degrade and display errors that appear to be “server under maintenance.” Your first course of action in this situation should be to restart your computer and begin the video game again.

Change the location of the server:
Tower of Fantasy Server Error

If the game is unavailable where you live, you can also encounter “Server Under Maintenance.” You may check if Tower of Fantasy is nearby on their website. The likelihood is that you are receiving an error stating that the server is under maintenance when it is not necessary. You need to switch your server region before then. Those who want assistance should adhere to the guidelines below.

  • Simply launch Tower of Fantasy.
  • After that, click the server name.
  • Select the desired region from there.
  • The second step is to choose and save a new server.
  • The location of your server has altered.
Check your connection: 
Tower of Fantasy Server Error

A server error is a pretty typical issue that might arise from a poor internet connection. To ensure there is as minimal network traffic as possible, close any software you are not using. To make it simpler for your computer to receive enough bandwidth, take other devices off of your router. Restarting your router is another option that you may attempt if your connection is having issues. Switch to a wired connection if you can since it is more reliable. You might want to try turning off your VPN if you use one.

Add game to the safe list:
Tower of Fantasy Server Error

It’s conceivable that the firewall is preventing the game from connecting to the Internet. If so, you may add the game to the list of safe applications on your firewall. 

  • Virus and threat protection may be found under Start, Settings, Update & Security, Windows Security, and Windows Security.
  • Under Virus and Threat Settings, click Manage Settings. Next, choose Exclusions > Add or Remove Exclusions.
  • Choose “Add an exclusion,” then browse to and choose the Tower of Fantasy game’s.exe file.
Monitor social channels for updates: 
Tower of Fantasy Server Error

Sometimes, problems with the game servers themselves might cause server difficulties. There isn’t much you can do in these situations apart from waiting for the developers to fix them. But knowing about probable issues beforehand will spare you needless frustration. Keep an eye on Tower of Fantasy’s official social media platforms since they frequently alert players to maintenance that is taking place or to known problems that might affect gaming. You may better organize your gaming sessions and prevent any disappointment brought by unforeseen server failures by being aware of these messages.

frequently asked questions

1. Are the Tower of Fantasy servers region locked?

No, tower of Fantasy is not a region-specific game. You may choose to play on any server in any location.

2. Can I play Tower of Fantasy in India?

Players in India are currently unable to download Tower of Fantasy on either mobile devices or personal computers. This is due to the fact that Japan, South America, Europe, and North America have already on the list of areas, but India has not yet been added.

3. Which is better Genshin or Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy advertise as an MMORPG, but Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game. The contrast in genre is what distinguishes Tower of Fantasy from its rival Genshin Impact; without minor changes to the feature list, the two games could have been too similar.

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