Best Way To Fix Twilio Error Code 30003

Your first task is to ensure that your mobile number is correct. If your phone number is wrong, you must enter it again. Instead, you may contact the mobile company to ensure it is correct.

Whether you use an Android mobile, ensure that you have installed the current version of the Google Play Store. It helps to resolve issues with connecting to Twilio.

If you are an iPhone user, you should reset the network Settings to fix the issues with connecting to Twilio. Try to contact Twilio support if no method works. 

What Causes The Twilio 30003 Error?

The Twilio error code appeared when your message was unable to deliver as the destination was unavailable or unreachable. This problem can occur when attempting to reach an unreachable or switched-off destination handset.

Best Solutions To Fix The Twilio Error Code 30003:

It is possible to send the user another message via a REST API request. Thus, you can determine if the error occurs again and again. In addition, it is possible to use the API Explorer in the console rather than a REST API request.

Whether the error code occurs again and again:
  • You should check if the destination device is active.
  • In addition, you must check if other devices with similar phone carriers can receive the message.
  • Determine if your destination device has sufficient signal. 
  • Try to determine if an active incident results in the error by checking the Twilio Status Page. 
  • Check if the destination device is attached to the home carrier’s network.
  • You should know if the device can receive non-Twilio SMS.
  • You must determine if the device can receive messages using a shorter one-segment body. Instead, it may use other Twilio numbers like non-Alphanumeric sender IDs. 

If you experience a problem even after applying these tricks, try to use the Fallback to Long Code feature of Messaging CoPilot. It is because the message that shortcodes have sent might create a problem when the destination user uses a wireless plan that is incompatible with shortcodes.

Open a Twilio support request when no method works. It should be done after collecting three or more message SIDs from the previous twenty-four hours in the SMS logs.

Why Does Twilio Error Code 30003 Occur?

The Twilio error code can appear for the undelivered messages sent from shortcodes. When the destination user comes with a wireless plan, it will not be compatible with shortcode or “Premium” messages.

Resolution Steps For Twilio Error Code 30003

Whether you want to fix the Twilio error code while making a phone call with Twilio, these are some steps you must follow. 

If you use the Twilio web interface, go with this process. 

  • Your first task is to navigate to the main menu and tap on Account and Phone Numbers, respectively. 
  • Once you go to the phone numbers page, tap the number which is not working.
  • Tap on Details in the history section on the right side of the display. 
  • You can see a message saying “Twilio API Call Failed: 30003” under “Error Message.” 
  • Tap on OK to close the details panel. Then, you should try your call again.

These are the steps you are required to follow to use the Twilio web interface. 

If you use the Twilio app:

  • You need to open the Twilio app and find your number.
  • Click on your number to open its details page.
  • A message appears asking “Twilio API Call Failed: 30003” under the “Error Message.” 
  • Hit OK to shut down the details panel and try your call again.

These are the steps you should follow to use the Twilio app. 

frequently asked questions

1. What is the Twilio messaging service?

This free Twilio feature is designed to send messages easily at scale and across many nations. It is a container for many Twilio message senders, including phone numbers and WhatsApp senders. 

2. What does the Twilio error code mean?

While calling or sending a message using Twilio, these are some errors that can cause your communications to fail. “Twilio error code” is one of the most common problems Twilio experiences. The error can say what went wrong with you and how to fix it.

These are a few of the most common Twilio error codes, including:

  • “Invalid Account“: It indicates that you have entered the wrong account number or password.
  • “Account Disabled“: It means that you have found your account disabled for a reason. Hence, you should try to re-register your account if it happens.
  • “Incorrect Phone Number“: If this error code appears, it indicates that the phone number you want to call is invalid. Try to use another mobile number or call from a different phone. 
  • “Wrong Account Type“: This error indicates that you attempt to use a feature that does not exist on this account type. In this case, try to use a different account type or similar account but change the type of call or message you’re making.
  • “Server Error“: This error indicates that any problem was caused with Tw. 

3. What are the possible causes of Twilio error code 30003?

These are a few common causes of the Twilio error code 30003:

Your monthly call volume limit can be exceeded. Whether you are having excessive calls every minute, your Twilio account might face suspension or termination.

Your environment might not be configured to use these services. In this case, ensure that you have updated your hardware & software and configured your network accurately.

A problem with your mobile number or mobile service can exist. If your mobile provider for help.

4. What to do if the Twilio error code continues?

Whether you are facing a problem with this account, these are some things that you should try to fix and resolve the error. Your first task is ensuring you have installed the most updated version of the Twilio app on the mobile.

If it doesn’t help, contact customer service. They will help you to fix the problem and get you back up as fast as possible. 

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