What Is Doubleclick.Net?

DoubleClick .net is a browser extension. It gets the user without their consent. As it comes with other related free programs, normally it starts to degrade your computer performance.

 At first, it gets generated with your computer and starts to show you ads for different content. Now you get the answer of ‘what is doubleClick.net Google’.

From this ad.doubleClick.net, the user gets to see the exclusive offers offered by the e-commerce sites. Though, these offers can be true or false. This is also referred to as potentially unwanted software. It collects data from your browsing history.

Then they send that data to a third party without your consent. Those data will help them to send you ads or your browser search.

How Does Double Click.Net Work

Now you know what does doubleClick.net means. DoubleClick.net is the largest internet advertising provider. It collects information about the website visitors and then sends them to the sites. If a user clicks for a site where double click.net sends an advertisement, it sends a message to the website’s server.

This site deposited cookies on the user’s computer that create a link with the user’s computer.with double Click server. Now they can send them advertisements as per the web page age browsing history.

The ad doubleclick.net keeps data of the users about their cookies and other tracking techniques. It sends advertisements as per the preferences of any particular user. They also keep a track of the online behavior of that particular use. So that, it can send advertising as per the choice of users.

What Does Doubleclick.Net Do

What Does Doubleclick.Net Do
What Does Doubleclick.Net Do

DoubleClick is an internet marketing business. Google owns the business itself to make money from online advertisers and publishers. So, let’s know what doubleClick.net does.

Ad serving: The online publishers use DoubleClick.net to display their ad campaigns on users’ websites.

Ad delivery: DoubleClick.net lets the advertiser know when the ad will be shown, how frequently it shows ads on different websites and how it does etc.

Behavioral targeting: Double click sends you ads as per your recent view to any new site. As an example, if you often visit a sports page. The doubleClick.net collects information about that. Now it may send you a ticket or other related things that you may like.

Google runs another filename Google Adsense. The different publishers use the pool to collect information about the user. It helps them to get a better idea about their running business. This is what doubleClick.net  called now.

What Are The Solutions Included In Doubleclick.Net?

This is an integrated technology platform that helps advertisers to create, manage and work effectively on internet ad campaigns. Let’s know what see the solutions included in DoubleClick.net:

DoubleClick Digital MarketingManager: The DoubleClick Digital MarketingManager serves you ad and management solutions for your advertising campaigns. It also includes trafficking and reporting with the same campaign. They will provide you with a clear history of the user responsible for your campaigns.

DoubleClick Bid Manager: It helps the agencies to buy online advertising a cross of ad exchanges. This process happens on an impression by impression basis. This is often known as Google’s demand-side platform.

DoubleClick Search: This is a search management platform. They help the agencies and managers to create, manage their online ads. It also includes reporting the agencies. They optimize the search campaigns through multiple engines.

DoubleClick rich media: It enables the user for producing, managing and reporting for the advertising campaigns.

Google Analytics: This is the most important part of DoubleClick.net internet marketing. It presents the report of their digital marketing effort to help to advertise as per the possible way. It works as a DDM reporting and provides the buyers more comprehensive campaign management.

Is Doubleclick.Net Safe?

Is Doubleclick.Net Safe?
Is Doubleclick.Net Safe?

The doubleClick.net is a potentially dangerous service. This is closely related to adware. This service mainly redirects people with the third party against their will through advertising. You may ask about ‘ how do I get rid of the doubleClick.net tracking cookie. The answer is below.

They send ads that are appealing and professional. Once clicked in this ad, the site will take to third-party software. This is a way to promote third-party software, software updates, and some useless products.

The experts of malware researchers say that this adware can affect any of the operating systems and can collect information about any browser which include Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.

 Through this, they will steal your browsing interest and browsing preference. This data will help them to send intensive ads. In reality, you can say this is a low-level computer threat that belongs to the adware category.

 In the below article, we will discuss how DoubleClick.net affects the system and why it Is bad. Let’s go through the article:

googleads.g.doubleclick.net also promotes various software through their marketing campaigns. They can pop up with some PUP on your device.

These PUPs are misleading. Once you install that software in your system, it will add a browser extension to every single web browser. Soon, it will deluge each website when you visit them.

Those ads not only annoy you but are also dangerous. Most of them earn from you when you click on them. This is also called pay per click process.

This is how the other third-party sites increase traffic on their site. Although, there are some risks of doing so. Sometimes those pop up redirects you to any hacker’s site and asks you to install fake software that hides malware systems.

Whatever, the pop-up is – you should always remember that that advertisement will redirect you to any third-party website. Most interestingly, you may not know if those sites are helpful for you or not.

If you are not sure whether the third party is safe for you or not, you should not click on any suspicious download links. Most importantly, you should not share any of your financial details or credit card information with those sites.

This is a safe way to hide or remove AdDoubleClick.net from your device so that it can not send you any misleading ads that can bother you.

How To Remove Ad.Doubleclick.Net Quickly

How To Remove Ad.Doubleclick.Net Quickly
How To Remove Ad.Doubleclick.Net Quickly

The behavior and infiltration technique calls it a potentially unwanted program. The sooner you implement the adware removal system, the better it will remain for your device. As it sends irrelevant ads, redirects, and even tracks web browsing activities.

One of the best ways to remove ad.doubleClick.net is to run a scan with an anti-malware tool. The other way to do it is to delete adware from the control panel and then reset the affected browsers.

Few Ways To Get Rid Of Ad.Doubleclick.Net Are Given Below:

If you are worried about how do I get rid of doubleClick.net, then check below.

Windows 8/10 operating system

  • Open the Windows search box and enter the control panel there. Now click on the search result.
  • Go to the program and uninstall a program from there.
  • You will get here the entry of the suspicious program on your device.
  • Click the application and delete it.
  • If user access control pops up, then tick to yes.
  • Make sure the uninstall problem is done.

Windows 7/XP operating system

  • Open Window start and select control panel.
  • In the control panel, select and uninstall the program.
  • If it asks for confirmation, then click on yes.

If you are asking about how do I remove doubleClick.net from my iPhone,   then check it?

macOS Operating system

  • Open the menu bar and select go and then choose applications.
  • See the application folder to find any suspicious entries.
  • Click on the app and drag it to the trash bin of your device.


Q: Is Doubleclick A Virus?

No, doubleClick.net is not a virus. This is a potential unexpected problem that shows up on your device. You should immediately remove DoubleClick from your device.

Q: How Much Money Does Doubleclick.Net Make?

Google has recently decided to buy doubleClick.net in $3.1 billion in cash. This is an advertising company that sends pay-per-click ads to users. Google generates 96% of it as revenue by advertising its products.

Q: What Information Is Doubleclick Tracking?

The doubleClick.net is tracking your IP address and another browsing history from your device. They can also know about your city/town or house no.

Q: Who Uses Doubleclick.Net?

The digital marketing agencies use doubleCick.net. Using this, they gain traffic on their site. They also use it to send the users about any lucrative offer. However, most of the time they come out as false.

Q: Is Doubleclick.Net Dangerous?

Yes, sometimes it is dangerous. As it redirects the user to any third-party software. That software can scan your device and steal personal data from there.

Q: Is The Data Sold To Third Parties?

No, the data is not good for third parties. The owner uses it for their own purpose. Though, the publishers own the data rather than DoubleClick.

Q: How Long Is The Data Stored For On The User’s Browser And On Doubleclick’s Servers?

The data is set to remain there for years. However, the publishers find it valuable within 60 days in the market. It gives them clear indications about the user’s current interest.

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