What Is The Best Way To Clean The Window Screen Instant?

The window screens are exposed to rain, wind, dust, bugs, and dirt. This is why all kinds of junk build up at the window screen; they can turn a clean screen into dirty ones. The window screens add grace to the theme of the entire house as it is beautiful, but it needs regular cleaning.

Cleaning is such a pain as there are too many tiny spots to dust off. By acquiring knowledge about how to clean window screens remarkably, it won’t be the pain anymore.

We all know that several ways to clean the window screen are preset, but have you ever thought about how to wash window screens or which type of window screen cleaner is the best.

Probably not; people usually neglect to do the task on their own and hire professionals to do it. But it can be way too expensive, and some of you may not be willing to break their banks.

In this ultimate guide, we will find out the best way to clean window screens, and we will share our favorite tips and tricks. With the help of such tricks, people will be able to get the easiest ways to clean window screens without doing such tasks often.

best way to clean window screens
best way to clean window screens

Before investing furthermore time, let’s head towards the explanation below to acquire the information regarding how to clean these screens.

The Perfect Ways To Clean The Window Screens

As we have described earlier, there are numerous ways to clean the window screens, but have you thought which window screen cleaner is worthy? What are the steps to clean these screens to make them shiny as well?

Probably not; at the points mentioned below, we have given a detailed explanation of the step-by-step method to clean the window screen. Check out the details here: –

Step 1:- Take out your screen

Before you begin taking off the screening process, you must make sure that you have the sizeable drop cloth or table to place the screens.

It is mandatory because the window screens are dirt, which is the best way to keep all screens clean if the window screens are filthy. After that, you need to remove the window screens completely, and bingo! You have got the best way to clean both of the sides.

Step 2:- The cleaning process

How dirty are the window screens? How to clean window screens at home? There are several ways to do such a task, but the level of dirt and grime matters the most. There are 3 levels of dirt present; we have explained all of them below. Take a look: –

 The cleaning process
The cleaning process

Level: 1: – Just a tad dirty

The initial level of dirtiness is the easiest way to clean, as people will not see a bulk of filthy things. The first level occurs when a person is cleaning the window screens often, and there is not a lot of dust, dirt, or grime that can be noticed.

You don’t need to remove the screen as you need a window cleaner spray it down with a hose, and wipe with a clean cloth.

Level: 2: – little bit dirty: 

The second level occurs when you barely go over to your window screens to clean them or hardly use the cleaning spray. The people will see a lot of loose dirt and dust along with the mess that is now hardened due to lack of cleaning.

Here it would help if you did a lot of work to dislodge everything and clean it again. Some people might be thinking, How do you clean window screens without removing them? But it will be beneficial for them to clean the windows after removing them to clean edges.

Level: 3: – Extremely dirty 

If you clean your window screens once in a blue moon, you will get extremely level dirty screens. Everything present on your window screen is now hardened, and you need to do a lot of work to make it clean as new.

 Extremely dirty
Extremely dirty

This may seem impossible, but there are products and ways that you can prefer opting for cleaning your screens, but it may take a lot of elbow grease.

The list of things you may need to clean the window screens

Once you are done exploring different levels of dirty window screens, you can be the gathering process. Here the people need to purchase the essential things that they might need to do their job.

At the following points, we have suggested to you some important things that you can prefer buying.

  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Rubber gloves
  • A towel
  • Garden hose for cleaning outside
  • Dish soap
  • Lint brush
  • Vacuum cleaner along with soft brush attachment
  • White vinegar
  • Soft cloth
  • Sponge
  • Unused toothbrush

Once you are done with the purchasing part, you need to get started with the cleaning process. We all begin the process with the easiest cleaning part and then more future to the extreme levels. We have explained different cleaning levels down there to prefer opting for the desired one readily.

The easy cleaning level

We’re here along with the first method you can try for quite clean screens as there is not much dirt or dust present there. Here you will need the lint brush; some people commonly have this brush lying around the house that is convenient to find.

But this way of cleaning will work properly if the window screens are not too dirt or barely dirt. If the dirt is handed or caked on the screen, you need more than a standard lint brush to dislodge it. Lying your window screen flat on the trap and then roll the lint brush over the front of it.

The easy cleaning level
The easy cleaning level

People need to make sure that the screen in its entirety that turns the screen and does the same steps. You need to repeat the process twice or thrice do it until the dirt is entirely removed.

For the caked-on or the hardened dirt, it will be recommended to the users to prefer to opt for the wet lint brush or sponge and watch if that removes the hardened dirt.

The Medium level cleaning 

For medium-level cleaning, you need to plug in the vacuum cleaner and begin the process. Several people are still looking for the answer to their quarry Can you vacuum window screens? 

Yes! You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the window screen, but there is a trick behind its usage. People need to make sure that they are having the soft brush attachment for the cleaning process.

Once you fit the soft brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner, turn it on to the lowest setting possible. If you cannot change the vacuum setting, make sure that you are keeping a decent distance between the vacuum and screen.

The direct contact between screen and vacuum may break the screen it is because of the vacuum air pressure. Going slowly and gradually can help you get the easier cleaning process without causing damage to the screen.

Take your time during the process and suck up all the dust and loose dirt efficiently.

The Cleaning products

The Cleaning products
The Cleaning products

The people are capable of creating their cleaning products without purchasing the branded ones from the store. Want to how? Grab dish soap and lukewarm water, and then combine both of them. It would be best if you used a squirt in a bit of dish soap for half a gallon.

But what if you don’t have dish soap? For deeper cleaning without the dish soap, you need to grab the white vinegar add a tablespoon per half a gallon. This is how to clean window screens with vinegar, take the rest of your cleaning job outside and make sure your screens are misted.

This is one of the fastest ways to clean the screens with an outdoor garden hose. When the screens are completely wet, then take a soft cloth and soak it in the dish soap or water (vinegar is the perfect option to go for), create a mixture, and start cleaning.

Users are free to opt for the sponge instead of the soft cloth but make sure that the hard side of the sponge will not make a scratch there. Repeat the entire process as many times as needed until the screens are shining.

Please don’t leave any residue of vinegar or dish soap on the screen, as it can cause stains. To prevent this, you need to wash both of the screen sides with water and use a garden hose. After that, let the screens air-dry and bring them back home. 

The Advanced cleaning process

We have mentioned two different ways to clean the window screens that are way too advanced. These should be used only for the filthy or dirtiest window screens that have received the least attention until now.

Initially, you must prefer opting for the methods of cleaning mentioned above along with the household mixture.

The Advanced cleaning process
The Advanced cleaning process of window screens

But if you are a magic eraser fan and want to know, How do you clean window screens with magic erasersWe will help you out lightly begin rubbing the screen to ensure no scratches are made; this is how you use the magic eraser.

Combine the dish soap or white vinegar once with lukewarm water to make the perfect cleaner at home. For each half, water gallon adds a tablespoon of the dish soap or vinegar.

Besides using a soft cloth or sponge, you need to use the new toothbrush. A lot of people are thinking, Is Magic Eraser safe for glass? Yes, it is safe and effective but instead of purchasing anything, use the things available at home to clean the window screens.

Moving on, the soft bristles of the new toothbrush will ensure that there is no damage caused on screens. Dip the toothbrush in the mixture you have made prior and clean the entire window screen. While cleaning it.

You will notice that the dirt and other debris are being removed slowly without making any scratches on the screen, then flip it and repeat the same process.

Once you are done with all of these steps, you need to rinse the screen using the garden hose. So that you will make sure there is no leftover present and then leave the screens to get air-dry.

Here’s another method of cleaning, but you need to use the ammonia mixture and lukewarm water. The ratio of water to ammonia mixture will be 3:1; make sure you wear the rubber gloves during the whole process for safety reasons.


we have compiled each possible information regarding the cleaning process of window screens; we hope it would’ve helped you clean your screens.

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