Reasons Behind Why Does Stretching Feel Good

You have always felt rejuvenated after stretching your arms and body after a busy day at work. But have you ever wondered that why does stretching feels good? We are sure that you might have already thought about that but you are unable to find out appropriate answers to your questions. Do not worry, at all. We are here to solve all your doubts. To know Why Does Stretching Feel Good read this article till the end.

Why Does It Feel So Good To Stretch When You Wake Up?

Your morning begins with your process of stretching your body, arms, and muscles. And gradually you feel good and fresh. But why does it make you feel good when you are stretching in the morning after you are waking up? Let us together find out about this aspect of stretching.

Here are some reasons that would guide us about why it feels good to stretch your body parts after you do wake up. You can follow the bullet points that are mentioned below to get an idea about this aspect of stretching.

  • The process of stretching tends to activate your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • The process of stretching releases endorphins that helps to reduce pain in your body.
  • The process of stretching increases blood flow to your muscles.
  • The process of stretching releases endorphins that helps in enhancing your mood.

Why Do We Stretch Involuntarily?

Many times, it is found in the observation that we stretch randomly. This stretching process does not require any specific command from your mind. Why this is so? This is so because the body involuntarily stretches itself to find its own comfort. This seems that your body knows that you are in need of a comfortable stretch in order to work in an efficient manner.

Why Does Stretching Feel Good
Why Does Stretching Feel Good

Why Do We Feel Relaxed After Stretching?

We do feel relaxed to a greater extent after we do have completely done a good amount of stretching. The process of stretching helps in the process of losing the muscles that have tightened their grip over your body. And the release of endorphins with the process of stretching helps in providing a sense of tranquillity and euphoria.

Why Does Stretching Feel Good When Tired?

Stretching makes you feel good after you are tired. Let us explore the reasons that make you experience a feel-good factor after you are weary. We have made a list of reasons that are responsible for making you feel good after you are tired.

  • The process of stretching improves the stamina of your muscles
  • When you are undergoing the process of stretching then you are increasing the blood flow to the muscles that are sore enough to cause you extreme amount of pain throughout your body and muscles
  • The process of stretching helps in keeping oxygen flowing to your muscles which helps in the process of delaying the beginning the sense of fatigue in your muscles and arms.

Why Does Stretching Make Me Tired?

Although most of us know about the benefits of working out, we don’t really know how we can feel tired after stretching. It’s very common that after a high-intensity workout session we may feel tired, but some don’t even know that stretching can also make one feel weak and exhausted. 

Prolonged stretching can cause acute fatigue but according to several researchers, there are few reasons which can cause tiredness from stretching.

  • Stretching in the wrong way can ruin your best feeling during a workout.  There is a high chance that you were taught wrong about how to stretch in a perfect manner even by your gym trainer as there are many conflicting theories regarding the science of stretching.
  • While stretching you need to avoid another common mistake. Although experts agreed to the point that stretching before working out increases the range of motion and prevents the body from stiffness and injuries, dated studies claim that muscles that have been overstretched cannot output power freely.
  • Stretched muscles or straining muscles become weak after prolonged stretching and become less responsive.

Does Stretching Release Dopamine?

Several studies have come to the conclusion that stretching releases dopamine. It’s the dopamine that makes us feel happier and gives us a positive feeling about the world after stretching. It even helps in reducing mental and physical stress and even helps in increasing flexibility. 

What Happens When You Stretch?

What Happens When You Stretch?
What Happens When You Stretch?

Stretching has several effects but the main benefits are :

  • It makes us feel positive and happy.
  • It increases blood flow, motion and circulation.
  • There are chances that minor joint pains get alleviated from stretching.
  • It even helps in reducing muscle tension.
  • It increases and boosts the energy levels of human beings.
  • It assists in maintaining correct posture and muscle coordination.
  • It has the high potential to decrease and reduce chances of injury as it prepares muscles before working out.

Does Stretching Lower Blood Pressure?

Stretching reduces blood pressure by increasing the parasympathetic nervous system. Inspect they are sometimes recommended by doctors along with other aerobics exercises.

In stages of hypertension, stretching can be even superior to brisk walking. Not only it reduces blood pressure but it is also very effective in removing aerial stiffness.

Why Do I Feel Light Headed After Stretching?

It sometimes happens that you may feel dizzy after stretching. It mostly occurs from shifts in body positioning that pull the blood flow down. It’s a form of low blood pressure generally called postural hypotension by doctors.

Sometimes while stretching the muscles in the neck and the upper back, it happens that you are constricting the blood vessels that are carrying the blood to the brain cells. Even putting pressure on the cranial nerves during stretching can also cause them to feel light-headed.  Sometimes over-stretching causes dizziness which is mostly because of low blood pressure.

What Is The Science Of Stretching?

Many of us don’t know the actual science of stretching and how it all works. But it’s actually necessary for all of us to stretch on a daily basis to remain healthy and flexible, which is needed to maintain a range of motion in the joints.  If you don’t stretch on a regular basis, there are high chances that you have become tightened and short, prone to injuries even from minor falls.

Basically, the science behind stretching is that when the body muscles and tendons are lengthened where the proposed benefits include decreasing muscle tightness, increasing blood circulation, decreasing joint paints, and helping in relaxing the tightened muscles.

Why Do I Feel Light Headed After Stretching?
Why Do I Feel Light Headed After Stretching?

But recent studies include that it improves the ability of a person to move and also helps in tolerating a greater degree of muscle expansion.

Why Is There A Constant Need To Stretch Muscles?

Even if you’re too lazy to maintain a workout schedule, maintaining only a stretching schedule can help you live a positive and healthier life. As we know inflexibility can put us into trouble, increases the risk of injuries, and can even result in doing our daily life activities harder.

So basically it crimps in regular acts such as making walking harder, undermining balances causing life-altering falls, even turning head while backing up the car can be difficult. So to increase flexibility and keep the body fit, it’s very important to stretch regularly.

Types Of Stretching That Are Very Common

With all types of exercise, stretching is very important. Maintaining a daily regime in stretching can provide you with greater gains. There are even a number of stretches that can be worked into different stretching routines and exercises.

  • Floor hip flexor
  • Floor hamstring with strap
  • Full body stretch
  • Double knee torso rotation
  • Child’s pose
  • Downward dog

It’s a great way to deal with joint pains and aches and can even describe effective moves to improve balance and increase flexibility and get rid of knee pain, arthritis, etc.

Things you need to know to stretch safe

Why Does Stretching Feel Good
Why Does Stretching Feel Good

To Stretch Safely It Is Important To Know Certain Tips And Rules.

  • Never consider stretching as a part of the warm up process as you may result in hurting yourself if you try to stretch cold and stiff muscles. Before you start stretching it’s better to consider a light walk or jogging as a warm up for more than 5 to 10 minutes.
  • As everyone has a different genetic flexibility, it is preferable to strive for equal flexibly side by side i.e symmetry as asymmetry flexibility may increase the risk of injuries.
  • You should know that it’s better to concentrate on the major muscle group for stretches like things, hips etc. You also need to make sure that you stretch both the sides.
  • Avoid bouncing. Stretching in a smooth movement is more preferable as bouncing can cause pain and can contribute to muscle tightness.
  • You also need to be slow and hold your stretches. Breathing normally while holding the stretches are very important for at least thirty seconds and where you have problematic areas hold it for sixty seconds.
  • Do not aim for a pain and heavy stretching session yet aim for tensions. If the stretching hurts then it’s time for you to push back and bring it to the position where you experience no pain but the tension is relaxed.
  • You need to keep up with your stretching routine even if it’s time consuming.  You can gain a lot if you stretch regularly but at least three to four times a week is necessary as skipping it goes hand in hand in losing potential physical and mental benefits.
  • In cases of chronic injuries and conditions, there are special techniques that you need to adjust and follow.
  • You can even bring some movements in you stretching routine to increases flexibility such as yoga.
Why Is There A Constant Need To Stretch Muscles?
Why Is There A Constant Need To Stretch Muscles?

The Golden Rule Of Stretching That You Need To Follow

If you have decided to start your workout sessions including stretching, you need to know the golden rule of Stretching. It is very important that you maintain the right posture and move and stretch at the right speed.

But the joints should be moved as little as possible and the muscles should be lengthened and stretched as much as possible. It’s comfortable too. take. least resistant.

How Does Stretching Work?

Stretching is a specific kind of exercise that works by pulling and lengthening the muscles of the body. Here the tight muscles are deliberately stretched and flexed to loosen and improve the muscle’s elasticity, increase the blood flow and range of motion so that a comfortable muscle tone can be achieved.

Does Stretching Help You Grow?

The height of a person depends mostly on genetics and rest on nutrition, environment. Stretching and hanging exercise can make one look taller till the time his or her spine compresses again back to the normal state.

It’s found that after spinal compression the height can be reduced to up to one percent. It’s a myth that changing exercises and stretching can help a child grow taller but in reality, it’s the expansion of the spine from the hanging exercises that make the child appears a little taller than the actual height until the spine returns back to the actual position.

Why Do We Stretch?

The first thing we do after waking up is stretch our hands. But we never ask ourselves why we do that or sometimes we may have asked yet we don’t have a proper answer.

Stretching in the first place occurs to flex the stiff muscles so we can move ahead with the daily chores.

Stretches you need to avoid

Do We Stretch Involuntarily?
Do We Stretch Involuntarily?

Whether you are an athlete or simple stretches can even ease tensions. It’s a great way to maintain freedom and balance.

But there are some stretches that need to be avoided for the best.

  • The very first comes the sit and reach stretches that the runners do. They hurt the body and even decrease the running economy.
  • Stretching to prevent soreness.
  • Stretching to prevent muscle injuries.


Stretching is a great way to relax muscles tension and live a healthy life. It should be a part of our daily schedule. But there are certain points that we need to know about stretching which is everything that is have discussed in the above text.

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