Why Won’t My Roku Connect To Wifi [SOLVED]

These are a few reasons why your device will not connect to Wi-Fi.

  • Defective router or internet cable cord
  • Poor signal strength
  • Wi-Fi password formats are not compatible 
  • The Roku device might not be compatible with the chosen Wireless channel. 
  • The Internet Server is down
  • Completed Internet Subscription

Types of Errors You May Encounter

You can face the issue when you try to connect to Wi-Fi. 

  • Unable to Connect to a wireless network
  • Checking Wireless Connection
  • Not connected to the Internet
  • Loading, Please Wait

How Do I Check My Roku’s Internet Connection Status?

Why Won't My Roku Connect To Wifi

You should determine first whether Roku is connected to the network or not. 

  • First, you have to go to the home screen and then click on Left to enter the side menu on the remote. After that, you have to scroll down to Settings.
  • Then, you have to tap on the Right on the remote so that you can enter the Settings menu. Next, you need to tap on Right again to move to Network. Click on Right again so that you can focus on the Network page.
  • Now, you can reference the connection details on the About page. You may use the Check Connection tool so that you can test the connection.
  • Ensure that you see the About page details of the section to the right. After that, reference connection type, IP and mac details, signal strength, the wireless channel, and download speeds. If you don’t see the information, ensure that you are disconnected from the internet. 
  • If you find yourself connected to the internet according to the About page but you are still facing problems now, try to use the Check Connection tool. Now, you have to scroll down to Check Connection.
  • Thereafter, you need to use OK to begin the test. Then, you can see a pop-up displaying the internet connection status, internet connection status, and internet signal or speed.

How To Fix Roku Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi 

Follow these methods to fix the problem: Roku won’t connect to wifi.

1. Power Cycle Your Router And Reboot Roku TV:

You should try to power cycle the router. After that, you need to reboot the Roku TV so that you can fix the error messages. If you reboot your device, it will help you to fix the network connectivity problem and re-establish the network. 

If you want to power cycle the router, follow these steps. 

  • First, you have to power off the Switch on the power outlet.
  • Next, you need to disconnect the router or modem cable. Now, you should wait for fifteen to thirteen seconds. 
  • Finally, you need to plug it back in, and then you have to power on the Switch. 

If you want to restart the Roku TV, you have to follow these steps. 

  • First, you need to tap on the Home button, located on your remote, so that you can move to the Home Screen.
  • After that, you have to head toward Settings.
  • Now, you need to select System and Power.
  • Next, you should choose System Restart.

2. Reset Network Connection:

When you change the WiFi password, update this on the Roku tv. In this case, you need to reset your internet connection on the Roku TV.

If you want to reset the Network Connection, you should follow these steps.

  • You need to hit the Home button on the remote to move to the TV’s Home screen.
  • After that, you have to go to the menu and move to Settings from there. Then, you need to go to System and Advanced System Settings. 
  • Next, you have to select Network Connection Reset. 
  • Finally, you should choose Reset Connection. Then, wait until the TV restarts. 

How To Restart Your Roku

Try to restart your device by following the steps given below:-

  • First, you have to go to the home screen. Then, you need to tap on the Left on the remote so that you can enter the side menu. You need to scroll down to go to Settings.
  • Next, you need to tap on Right to enter the Settings menu on the remote. Now, you should scroll down to System. You have to tap on the Right so that you can focus on the System menu.
  • Afterward, you have to scroll down to System Restart and then go to Restart. Next, you have to tap on OK on the remote.
  • Finally, you need to wait till the Roku device reboots. 

So we hope that your question: Why Won’t My Roku Connect To Wifi is clear now. 

What To Do When Your Roku Still Won’t Connect To The Internet?

Why Won't My Roku Connect To Wifi

Your network, router, or modem may be the culprit creating problems like Roku not connecting to tv, not Roku. If you see Roku not connecting to wifi after resetting, these are a few steps that you may try.

  • Try to check the connection problems and fix them with your wifi router.
  • You can try to restart the router and modem.
  • You should relocate the Roku device to keep it closer to the router. In addition, relocate this so that it has a strong signal.
  • Finally, you have to contact Roku support.


1. How do I reset my Roku network settings?

If you want to reset your network settings on Roku, you need to head toward Settings. Afterward, you should go to System, Advanced System Settings, and Network Connection Reset.

Finally, you have to choose the option Factory Reset so that you can restore settings to the default. 

2. Why Is Roku Not Working?

These devices rely on an active network connection. Therefore, a poor signal or a temporary outage can create problems on the device.

Hence, you should reposition your device if this one is a standalone device to check if it can help to improve the WiFi signal. When you are near your router, you should plug in an Ethernet cable for a reliable connection. 

3. Why Does It Say Unable to Connect to the Internet?

If you see that your Roku device is unable to connect to the network, it indicates that your signal quality is too low or the network is facing problems.

In addition, the latter might indicate that your router is still active but not connected to the internet. It would mean that your modem is facing an issue or the service is down temporarily.

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