Hi there! Is your dream to be a writer? Do those white pages often indulge you in creating something or make you follow your dreams of being a writer? Do you consider writing more than just a hobby?

Do you eagerly want to take writing as your profession and make it your way of earning money? If yes is the answer to all the questions, then you’re exactly at the right place where you can pursue your dream of being a writer!

In today’s world, you can actually earn money by writing blogs and articles for numerous websites. There is a tendency of people to go online to search for a particular fix, to know about any product, to know what is going on in the world, or to gather knowledge on either academic or technical topics.

And there are many websites to quench their thirst for knowledge by publishing blogs and articles. And to publish the articles and blogs, all the websites need writers.

So if writing is your passion, then there is a great chance for you to pursue your dream and follow your passion. Many people are doing so, i.e. taking writing for websites as their profession. This is a job which you can do sitting in your home and can write as many articles as you want to write.

That is why many people around the world are taking this as their secondary, or even primary profession and making their bread and butter from this.

Now the question is if you write articles, where you should submit those articles? And how to get money for what you write? And most importantly, what is the guarantee of getting paid for your work? Is it a hoax, or are people really getting paid for writing blogs and articles?

If you are wondering where to send the articles, or how you’ll be paid for your work, just relax! Because we are here to take your articles and pay you for them as well!

Write For Us To Pursue Your Dream

Yes, we are hiring! We are here to help you in pursuing your dream to be a writer and we’ll pay you for your hard work as well! You can write for us, and if we like your articles or blogs, then we’ll pay you for each word you write for us!

Then you can show your friends your published articles too! It’s not everyone who can introduce themselves as professional writers, isn’t it?

Our motto is to help talented people who’re aspiring and skillful writers. We believe that writers are the best creators because only writers can touch every emotion of people through their work, give people information, and increase their knowledge to make them educated.

We always respect people who are skilled at taking responsibility to write something. And there is no need to say that we always PAY OUR WRITERS!

We believe that writing is a gifted skill. We understand too that how much effort and time it takes to create an engaging blog or article. We know how difficult it is to write an informative article and make it interesting at the same time and we always respect people who are skilled with this rare talent.

So if you think you have the potential of being a blog, or article writer, let’s give yourself a try! Because you are the person whom we are looking for!

Start Today!

Before starting, check our website and go through as many articles as you can to get a brief idea of what topics we are concentrating on. Then choose a topic and write an article on that.

Then, submit the article to us and wait for us to review your piece of work. If everything goes well, then we will notify you that your article has been granted for publishing, and you’ll get your remuneration as the writer of that article! It is as simple as that!

What We Need

We expect that writers who want to work with us and submit their articles, do not copy them from other websites. A writer must write an original article.

It will be very disappointing for us if anyone just copies and paste an entire article written by someone else and submits it to us. You can choose a universal topic, but you must write an original article on that topic.

Secondly, we want SEO-friendly articles so that the article can rank better in searches. You see, there is no point if you write a good article but it fails to reach people. We would like to get SEO-friendly articles from our writers. So try to put strong keywords in your article as much as you can.

What We Check in an Article

First of all, we check whether the article is an original one or a copied one. There is a technical term called plagiarism. It shows how many lines or words in your article match with another article that is already published. We prefer 100% unique, or plagiarism-free articles.

Secondly, we check how many useful keywords are there in your article. Are they enough to rank better? If your article matches these two criteria, the chance of it getting published goes higher.

We check one more thing. Is your article boring or enjoyable? You see, no one would like to spend their valuable time in reading some boring words just for the sake of knowledge. These days, every article must be engaging so that the readers can enjoy it while reading.

The Process of Getting Paid

It’s very simple. Let us give you a step-by-step guide on how to get paid by writing articles for us.

  1. First of all, you have to choose a topic on which you’ll write an article.
  2. Then you have to write a SEO friendly, engaging, 100% unique article.
  3. Then you have to submit it to us.
  4. Give us some time to review the article.
  5. If we publish the article, we will notify you and give you the payment!

So don’t waste your time thinking and start writing! It could be a turning point for you and you could see your dream coming true very soon!