Xbox Can’t Connect To DHCP Server-[Permanent Fix]

DHCP Server Error: It is a network protocol that connects to network gadgets and serves vital network information like IP addresses, gateways, as well as other network settings to the main device of a person. At the time, when you observe the DHCP error, it is a note that the console you are using could not connect to a common or local network.

Xbox games are the best thing when it is connected to the internet. One can download and play numerous games with the steady internet. Even, the players can be in connection with their pals via Xbox live and stream media content, and more. Well, most Xbox games support both wired (Ethernet) and Wireless (Wi-Fi) connections. Xbox Can’t Connect To DHCP Server

Many players have noticed that their Xbox can not connect to a server called DHCP. DHCP (A Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a trait for the network that’s built into multiple network devices such as routers as well as modems. In such a guide, we will show you the reason your Xbox One cannot connect to a DHCP server as well as the ways to fix it.

What is the Xbox DHCP Server Error?

When you will connect the Xbox consoles to the internet, you will find these best. Using a strong internet connection, you will be able to download several games. Not only this, but also you can communicate with your friends through Xbox live. It allows you to stream media content. Most Xbox consoles can support both ethernet and wifi connections.

Although, a few users can face Xbox DHCP Server Error. DHCP is a kind of default network specification that can be found in most network devices such as modems and routers. Here, we are going to elaborate on What is the Xbox DHCP Server Error and why the Xbox can’t connect to the DHCP server. Moreover, we are going to discuss its fixes. Let’s dig in.

What To Do When DHCP Server Error Occurs

In case, Xbox can’t connect to the DHCP server, find the below ideas that suggest resolving the DHCP errors.

What To Do When DHCP Server Error Occurs

1. Windows Network Troubleshooter

This is the most common troubleshooting step that we can go with. And, it is simple, too! We need to go to Windows automatic internet settings. We are required to right-click on the network icon in the Windows taskbar. Then select the Troubleshoot problems.

The troubleshooter here will automatically search any settings that may cause an issue with the internet connection. If the DHCP settings caused the trouble, we choose ‘Apply this fix’ and we have to apply any changes that are suggested.

2. The DHCP Adapter Settings

Automatically, the DHCP server or router from the network should check the IP address of the computer. But, in some cases, this option can be removed. So, check the network adapter to settle that it is on.

3. The DHCP Router Settings

For the home network, the management of IP addresses of PC’s DHCP settings from the router. We suggest identifying that the DHCP starting and ending addresses match the gateway address.

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How To Connect To DHCP Server – Xbox One

As mentioned before, such trouble is connected to your router’s DHCP trait. Although the problem sounds hard and practical, there are easy-to-do solutions that can help you solve this network problem. Check out to go via one by one to check that one works for you perfectly.

Trick 1: Power Cycle Your Router As Well As Xbox One

Restarting your router re-initializes all of your router’s internal components that may be hardship from bugs and glitches. It is also a demonstrated fix to this issue and takes no time at all.

Steps to power start your router.

  1. Turn off your router by hitting the power button and unplugging its power adapter from another source.
  2. You have to wait for twenty seconds to draw off all the power of the routers.
  3. Plug the router’s power adapter back in and turn on your router.
  4. Connect to a local network and see if the error appears.

For Xbox one, you can try these steps for the Xbox console.

  1. Hit and hold the Xbox button for ten seconds to turn it off. Wait for it to totally shut down.
  2. Turn the Xbox One again on by pressing the Xbox button either on your console or the controller of the Xbox.
  3. Try to connect it with the local network and check if the error is still there or gone.

Trick 2: Reset The Router

If the strick of power cycling did not work, you can reset the router by its reset button at the back. Try beside the Ethernet Ports or the power adaptor port. The process will revert all network arrangements and settings to default involving the IP address as well as your network login documents.

Note: Even if you have tried all the router settings, you will be required to set it up again via the orders given in the router’s manual.

To change the router settings, follow the below steps.

  1. With your router turned on, search the reset button at the back of the router.
  2. With the use of a small pin, insert it into the reset button until you observe a small click approx fifteen seconds.
  3. Now, release and wait for the router to set fully.
  4. Connect your router Xbox and see if the error still occurs.

Trick 3: Run The Network Connection Test

If your network connection is stable, you will be required to give the network test. It traits that are built in on most Xbox consoles. This also helps you to know if the router still has the issue as the Can’t Connect to your DHCP Server Error.

  1. Turn on Xbox One and press the Menu button on your Xbox controller.
  2. Go to settings> Network >Network Settings.
  3. Select Test Network Connection.
  4. Once it is connected, the Xbox console will automatically connect to Xbox live.

Trick 4: Change To Another Ethernet Cable Or Port

If you are connected to the internet through an Ethernet connection, you can try the Ethernet cord and check for the network issue is resolved or not. Even you can try to plug your Ethernet cable into other Ethernet ports and see if the issue is solved or not.

Afterward, try running the Network Connection Test one more time and check for the error.

Xbox Can’t Connect With An Automatic IP Address

Xbox Can’t Connect To DHCP Server

To give your Xbox a static IP address, you will be required to initially open the Network and portion Center. Hit the Start Menu and type “ncpa.cpl” into the search bar as well as hit enter. After the Network and sharing center is open, then select “change Adapet Setting” on the left-hand side. Find your Ethernet adapter and right-click it.

If you have a static IP address, you will be required to connect your internet service provider (ISP) and ask them to assign you a static IP address.

The perfect IPv4 address for Xbox One is The given address will give your Xbox One the best possible link to the internet.

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  1. What does it mean when your Xbox says it can’t connect to your DHCP server?

The main cause can be harm or defective network cable to create errors and sudden like the DHCP error. Moreover, you can try to plug the Ethernet cable you are using into alternative Ethernet ports and check if the problem is solved.

After you try such methods, run the Network Connection Test one more time, and see if the error still appears.

2. Why won’t my Xbox connect to the servers?

If anyone can not connect to a multiplayer game on Xbox on Windows 10, you can try the following steps. Settings> Gaming> Xbox Networking.

For the same problem in Windows 11, open the Xbox comfort Console Companion application and select settings. Then go to the network tab. Now, check the connectivity for the server.

3. Why does my Xbox say it can’t connect with a static IP address?

When your Xbox One is set with a static IP address that the home router can not utilize. An error message can occur.

The Xbox one error page idea to try to alter the Wi-Fi channel number applies when the Xbox is using dynamic (DHCP) addressing.

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