How To Fix The Yellow Border When Screen Sharing Discord Issue

If you see a yellow border when screen sharing discord, you should try to update your Windows operating system. So, to do these, you should follow these steps. 

  • Your first job is to hit the Start button on the taskbar, and then you should choose Settings.
  • Next, tap on Check for updates after expanding the Windows Update. If you find new updates, your Windows download and install them automatically. 

You should update your windows to fix bugs that affect the computer. Besides, updating the Windows lets you use the Discord app’s current version.

Old versions like Windows 10 may experience the yellow border issue on Discord because it is quite common on these versions. As it is unlikely to occur on Windows 11 operating system, you can try to update your Windows to resolve the error. 

What Is the Yellow Border in Discord?

The yellow border in Discord appears on the display edges mostly when you stream or use the screen-sharing feature. Several people report that the issue starts as soon as they update Discord. When you use Discord, this border around the display can distract you. Besides, it may appear in various instances, such as a yellow border around Chrome when you stream.

What causes the yellow border on my Discord app?

You can encounter the yellow border on the Discord app for some reasons, including—

Discord update problems

A bug may present in the Discord update after moving to a new graphic capture system, and it can be a reason why you are facing the problem.

Windows incompatibility

Older Windows versions don’t support it because of the latest updates and changes in the graphic capture interface. It is one of the reasons behind the yellow border when screen sharing the Discord issue.

A yellow border around the display can affect many discord users. However, there is nothing to worry about because troubleshooting some settings can help you to resolve the error. 

How do I fix Discord’s yellow border?

You can fix the problem by following these methods including— 

Update the Discord app
 yellow border when screen sharing discord

Your first job is to find the Update Ready! button. Then, you need to tap on this. If any update is available, the button will appear. 

Alternatively, it is possible to launch the Discord app on the windows pc. Then, your task is to update Discord by hitting the Ctrl + R keys.

If you use Mac, you should hit the Command + R keys when you run the Discord app to update.

Expert tip
 yellow border when screen sharing discord

There are a few PC problems that are difficult to tackle, mainly when it comes to talking about corrupted repositories or missing Windows files. When you encounter trouble resolving an error, your system may be broken partially. In this case, we recommend installing the Restore tool to scan your device and detect the issue. 

The Discord update prompts the yellow border to appear on display, and it can be fixed since they have rolled out a new update. Hence, we recommend you check what to do if the Discord app will not update.

Verify Discord Status
 yellow border when screen sharing discord

Ensure that you check Discord servers to see if these are active before you change any settings on the PC. When you experience any issue with Discord servers, you should check the Discord Status. Hence, if you want, you can follow @discord.

Moreover, the Discord servers can encounter issues. Therefore, you need to wait. You must keep all Discord systems functional before you contact any Discord support.

Switch to a full-screen mode
 yellow border when screen sharing discord

If you use Windows, you must first initiate the Discord Full-Screen Mode by hitting the keyboard’s Ctrl + Shift + F keys. Besides, if you use Mac, your job is to hit the Command + Shift + F on your Keyboard to initiate this Mode.

You can see a yellow border appearing during screen sharing, but it isn’t always happening. Hence, you should switch to full-screen mode to stretch borders. Then, you won’t be able to see the yellow outline. A few users say that their audio is not working when screen sharing on Discord. 

Disable the Latest Technology Setting
 yellow border when screen sharing discord

The screen-sharing problem may appear due to the Discord feature. If you want to disable this, you must follow the steps to fix the Discord Yellow Border when streaming or screen sharing error. 

  • Hence, you have to navigate to Settings in Discord.
  • Now, your task is to head toward App Settings. After that, your job is to choose Voice & Video that can be seen below SCREEN SHARE. 
  • You can turn off the feature for capturing the display with the latest technology. You need to turn off the toggle only in this case. 
Run Discord With Administrative Rights
 yellow border when screen sharing discord

You should know that Discord may need administrative rights sometimes, but it relies on the combination of software and hardware. Running Discord with admin rights is a good way to see if it can fix the issue.

Head toward the properties tab to see the properties of an executable file. You can see an option enabling you to run Discord as an administrator. After that, your task is to launch Discord and check if the error has been resolved after saving the new settings.

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frequently asked questions

1. How can I remove the yellow border line when the screen capture?

You must share the whole screen (in full-screen mode) to make the problem less annoying. Thus, it is possible to avoid seeing the yellow border. Sharing the entire screen prevents this from happening.

2. Why is my screen striped?

You can encounter the issue if you have outdated or wrongly installed drivers. Besides, there may occur short circuits in the monitor due to residual power. Moreover, your cables may be damaged or not connected properly. 

3. Why are the edges of my screen cut off?

If you have an incorrect or different aspect ratio, it may cut off the monitor’s display on the edges. So, adjusting and selecting the correct aspect ratio for the monitor is essential. 

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